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K'NEX Lincoln Logs Collector's Ed


Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition

Active Product
Construction Toy
3 - 7 years

The original Lincoln Logs parents and grandparents will remember are reintroduced with this special portable set. The original color palate, the great green roof slats, and red chimneys are completely restored. The feeling of nostalgia will sweep over anyone who remembers the fun they had playing with their Lincoln logs as a child. This is a product that children will enjoy building with. Certainly everyone in the family can have fun putting buildings together.

1916 was the year that Frank Lloyd Wright's son John Lloyd Wright, created Lincoln Logs. His idea was inspired by the interlocking beams used by his father designed for the Tokyo Imperial Hotel in 1916. The logs were named after Abraham Lincoln who was born in a log cabin. The original product was constructed of red wood.

K'NEX has a marvelous line of construction products that have been popular for a long time.

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