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Nana Banana Classic Cinderella
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Nana Banana Classic


Creative Product
Educational Skills Product
4 - 8 years

This giant book, 14 x 20, depicts the story of Cinderella. It is told with excellent illustrations with a line of text on each page. The oversize book is printed on art quality vellum paper. Your young artist can choose watercolors, markers, or crayons to bring the pictures to life. This is a timeless tale that will enchant your child. It is a perfect activity to enjoy while your child is listening to you read the full story. The activity of art will reinforce the reading activity with pictures. Other titles in the collection are Alice in Wonderland, The Nutcracker, Swiss Family Robinson, Beauty and the Beast, the Velveteen Rabbit, Wizard of Oz, and others.

The founder, Isabel Malkin, is otherwise known as "Nana Banana". She began her interest in history, literature and art. In 1995 she conceptualized the idea of producing the large books. She donates all the profits to child-oriented charities and has given to Paul Newman's "Hole in the Wall Gang camps, Ronald McDonald Houses, children's clinics, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and inner city schools.

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