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Stuhr Enterprises' Bill Ding

Stuhr Enterprises

Bill Ding

Construction Toy
Creative Product
Educational Skills Product
2 - 12 years
Out of Business

Your child will enjoy this innovative product Bill Ding. It is a toy they will enjoy building with and creating new patterns. Each box has nine per set. The idea is to build with two clowns at the same time on both sides. The colorful set of primary colors will provide your child with plenty of building as they play with these 3-dimensional shapes. They can be stacked high and can be formed in many different directions. The balancing act is exciting to watch.

The product goes back to the 1930's. The Strombecker Company began producing them, but stopped making them in 1965. In 1980 the product was sold to Chicago Cutlery. In 1985 Ed Stuhr bought Chicago Cutlery including the rights to the original Bill Ding pattern. In 1988 he started making Bill Ding again. They can be ordered easily and are reasonable in price.

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