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VTech Industries Tiny Touch Phone
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VTech Industries

Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone

Educational Skills Product
6 mos - 36 mos

This is a great toy for all babies. Parents know how babies love to play with telephones. Now they can have their own portable, safe, and colorful phone. There are four big easy to press light up buttons to push. The four different melodies and sound effects provide more fun. The baby safe mirror adds value. It's great to take along wherever you go as your baby will enjoy playing with this friendly phone. Also available in a bilingual English and Spanish version.

In 1978 V-Tech was founded to introduce electronic learning products that would connect cutting edge technology with children's traditional play and learning patterns. Children can experience TV screens, but these are interactive and educational. In 1978 Jack Hirsch stopped by at the booth of two Hong Kong engineers who had created the hand-held electronic games. He was fascinated with their innovations and shortly became the distributor of V-Tech products. The first product was the Wizard. It's available today in an updated version. In 1981 the parent company created V-Tech Industries in the United States. In the early 1980's one of V- Tech's retailers requested an electronic learning aid and Lesson 1, was created and became a huge success. A new market began. In the 1990's they introduced the first product for younger children called Small Talk. V-Tech focuses on products that help to develop learning while the child is having fun.

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