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Dr. Toy and Raggedy Ann

Image: Dr. Toy and friend.

Tele-Seminar with Dr. Toy - The Most Experienced Toy Shopper (next to Santa)

Courtesy of Parental Wisdom

There's been confusion and concern this year with toy recalls. Like all problems, this presents an opportunity, which in this case is to discuss the criteria parents can use to select toys for their children.

Please join us for a free tele-seminar with Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, the most experienced toy shopper (next to Santa).

Here are the details:

Thursday, November 1st, 2007
8:30pm EST
30 minutes
The best seat in the house - the comfort of your own home
Call in information:
(712) 580-6300 access code 430495#

If you can't make it - no problem, we have a playback number which will be available until November 14th 2007. (641) 715-3400 access code 430495#

What we'll discuss:

Why do we do this?

Because at Parental Wisdom, we understand that the best place for parents to be on any given evening is home.

We're all kids at heart - we love party favors. Ours are always in the form of sharing some great information. Tune in to find out what'll be in our goody bag.

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