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Captivation, Inc. / Teaching Tank Starter Kit

Captivation, Inc.

Teaching Tank Starter Kit

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This innovative teaching tool will allow your child to discover the world of science. A large double-sided see-through tank is designed to stimulate student's interest and increase their knowledge of science by allowing them to do what a scientist does. It can be used at home or in the classroom. Your child will enjoy doing hundreds of experiments with just one tank. View ants, roots, worms and other things with fifty different lessons. Each lesson contains clearly defined objectives, a materials list, a reference diagram, detailed procedures, thinking questions for students and teaching notes for clarification. A wide variety of topics are covered in the Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Physical Sciences. In one lesson you can germinate seeds to grow plants and in another lesson you could be determining dew point or forming stalactites and stalagmites. The lessons are observational and specifically written to foster hands-on experimentation with an inquiry approach to discovery learning, interpreting data, formulating hypotheses, controlling variables and experimenting. This is an excellent product with lasting value.

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