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KAPLA Toys / KAPLA - 200 Piece Barrel


KAPLA - 200 Piece Barrel

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This classic and popular wooden building blocks is a toy your child will enjoy for a long time. Each block is exactly the same size and easy for small hands to manipulate. These blocks are made of pine from renewable French forests and exist in seven different colors, Young builders will engage in hours of open-ended fantasy play. Build a galleon fit for pirates and princes, monuments, palaces, mazes or forts, villages and futuristic towers, a meadow filled with flowers and trees, animals, dragons or anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless. Each set comes with detailed instructions on how to build a few different structures. Help introduce your child to art and design, architecture and history, mathematics and science. This building toy is suitable for all kinds of children with different strengths and interests. It will facilitate social interaction with other children playing together with these blocks as well as individual play and progress. Your child will gain self-confidence while creating with these blocks keeping active. Logical reasoning, cause and effect, improving and engineering are all part of the experience.

Kapla was invented in 1988 by Mr. Tom Van der Bruggen and is now manufactured in France. The family operated plant is located near Bordeaux. Kapla respects US and CE safety regulations and is proud of its commitment to protect the environment.

Watch a video of what you can do (and undo) with Kapla blocks at Toy Directory Monthly.

November 18, 2006 - Dr. Toy to appear at Children's Museum of Manhanttan (CMOM) to judge their Kapla building contest.

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