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Age Range
8 - 12
- Card Game -

The card game Sixteen is packed with head-to-head action. Can you count to 16 and take calculated risks? Then you can force your opponent to bust. But play your cards defensively at the right time or the tables will turn! Win the most sets and you'll win the game. It sounds simple (and it is), but Sixteen's unique strategy and cribbage-like counting will hold the attention of even the most seasoned game players. Sixteen - card game - unique, easy to learn, rounds are short up to ten minutes, but many rounds can be played, good fun for families, card players. Some arithmetic and algebraic thinking involved.

Sixteen was designed by Kristoffer Cox while living in Northwest Greenland, 700 miles north of the Arctic Circle, where winters include 4 months of total darkness. What a little cabin fever won’t do for creativity!

Game includes 54 card custom deck, easy instructions, strategies, and play variations (including for players age 8 and up). Cards are quality stock, Impact resistant packaging is reusable for storage.

The rest of this evaluation is provided by the newest game evaluator on our team Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun (

Sixteen is an original card game for two players, It is easy to learn (about 5 minutes) and takes maybe 15 minutes to play, though players will find themselves wanting to continue playing many rounds. Each player is given three cards. The rest are placed face down in the middle of the table as the draw pile. Players take turns, picking a card, and then adding a card to a face-up play pile. When the face-up cards total 16, the player who accomplished that adds all those cards to her win pile. If the last three cards in the win pile are all the same color or number, the player gets to pick up those three cards. This is very useful and adds a significant level of strategy to the game. If the play pile goes over 16, the other player gets the win.

The cards are numbered 0-6. There are two of every card, but only one 0 for each suit. There are also two wild cards. All of this has strategic implications, and the game can become quite competitive. The graphics are simple, very clear and functional. There are 4 variations described, which extends the game play to younger children (perhaps as young as 6), but the game plays best with the recommended ages.

All in all, this is an unusually well-designed card game, unique, easy to learn, inviting, and with high replay value.


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