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Choosing Games & Make the Most of Game Time
An Invitation to Play During National Games Week November 19-25

San Francisco, CA - Game time is a great opportunity for families to reconnect across all ages. Have a good variety of great games on hand for the holidays and get everyone engaged in the fun. That is the advice of Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., the child play expert known as Dr. Toy.

"Children benefit greatly from playing games with other children and with parents and grandparents," says Auerbach, author of 15 books including "Smart Play /Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q. (Play Quotient)". "They learn strategy and other skills such as taking turns and learning to share. Game time fosters communication and helps develop mental acuity in all ages."

To add to the fun of playing games, Dr Toy encourages joining in the activities of National Games Week, November 19-25, with thousands of events scheduled throughout the country. To find out how to participate and additional information including how to win special prizes for "Games Day Event" ideas, go to www.nationalgamesweek.net

Dr Toy recommends asking the following questions when selecting games:

  • Does the game provide fun and self expression? If there is fun and excitement so everyone can have a good time, then this is a great game to play. 

  • Does the game give you a chance to step outside of the everyday world? If the game allows for fantasy, frivolous responses and relaxation the game provides stress reduction and enjoyable participation.

  • Does the game stimulate conversation and expression? Good games offer intelligent fun, provides surprise, suspense, unexpected twists, and ample chances for everyone to excel. 

  • Does the game offer unique qualities? The best games are different, offer unique qualities and encourage more playtime. 

  • Does the game fit the group that will play? Consider the rules and design so every one of all ages can play and manage the play board and pieces. 

  • Does the game support learning and skill building? Game playing helps all ages keep mentally alert and provides practice for children to develop literacy, cognitive skills such as patterning, sequencing, visual discrimination and strategy.

The best games are played frequently and enjoyed by all players. For a broad selection of games, visit your local game store and on the Internet see sites such as www.areyougame.com  and drtoy.com  where you will find many sources for games - including our recently launched Toy Stores Online section.

Dr. Stevanne Auerbach is the director of the Institute for Childhood Resources and an internationally recognized author, speaker and authority on play and children's toys. Her annual awards programs recognize the best toys and children's products for learning and fun. The15th Annual "Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products" Awards for 2006 now are available online at drtoy.com

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National Game Week, Nov 19-25

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