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Coordinates Toy Companies for Construction Toy Exhibit

Nicosia, CYPUS - (August 10, 2007) – Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, “Dr. Toy” will be a keynote speaker for the first-ever Conference on Construction Toys, which will take place on Saturday, September 15th at the University of Cyprus, an event spearheaded and sponsored by Engino Toy Systems and the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation in association with The Teacher’s Associations.

In addition to addressing the attendees at the international conference, Dr. Toy is leading the arrangement of the First International Construction Products Exhibition, an interactive area and display of many of the world’s top construction toys, as examples of the tremendous benefits that construction toys offer to children as they learn and grow in the classroom and at home. Costas Sisamos, Chief Executive Officer of ENGINO and lead coordinator of the conference project commented, “This is the first time that all construction toy systems will be displayed under one roof, giving the opportunity to both educators and parents, as well as students learning this important discipline are witness to a demonstration of how quality construction play can inspire innovation and creativity.”

The Official Conference's title is "Towards intergrading construction kits in Design and Technology". The Event is co-funded by the Research Promotion Foundation, a Government independent organization that partially funds research projects of innovative character. The funds come from both Government and European Union and are awarded through competitions. ENGINO.NET LTD has been awarded one such project, which involved the design and development of plastic connectors for creating three dimensional frames in the Design and Technology classroom. The University of Cyprus and the Teacher's Association -as research partners are developing the educational support material. The whole project was based on the patents of Engineer and Educator Sisamos.

As the subject of Design and Technology is taught in all levels of education in Cyprus, all parties involved in the establishment of the conference agreed that there are great advantages when incorporating construction sets in the classroom, regardless of the toy brand or ethnicity. “Quality construction play inspires innovation and creativity,” Sisamos said.

The conference is now addressing several topics including the need to communicate effective solutions with teachers in questioning traditional teaching methods and introducing innovative construction sets that are widely available, many of which will be on display as part of the conference’s exhibit. Among the product companyies that are participating in the exhibit all have product that have been recommended by Dr.Toy, including:

  1. Astro-logix Design
  2. b. dazzle, Inc. -
  3. Blue Orange Games
  4. Bridge Street Toys
  5. BRIO -
  6. Dr. Drew's Toys
  7. Engino Toy System -
  8. Fat Brain Toys -
  9. AirBlox -
  10. HABA -
  11. Hands On Toys -
  12. Hape International -
  13. Hexabits -
  14. ImagAbili -
  15. Infinitoy –
  16. Jonic Distribution –
  17. Kapla -
  18. KNEX -
  19. Learning Materials Workshop – Arcobaleno -
  20. Learning Resources -
  21. LEGO Systems -,
  22. Little Tikes/MGA Entertainment -
  23. Lockmade -
  24. Maple Landmark -
  25. Meccano -
  26. MEGA Brands -
  27. Mic-O-Mic Americas –
  28. Mr. McGroovy's -
  29. Museum Tour Catalog –
  30. Origin Toys & Games -
  31. OWI -
  32. Parents® by Battat -
  33. Plastic Play -
  34. Plasticant-Mobilo -
  35. Plastwood Industries
  36. Playmobil – Zoo -
  37. Playskool/Hasbro Tinker Toy-
  38. Polydron -
  39. Poly-M – Starter -
  40. Quadro/Phunzone -
  41. Quercetti -
  42. Rokenbok Toy Company -
  43. Tangle Toys -
  44. Tinker Minds -
  45. Tree Blocks -
  46. Uncle Goose Toys -
  47. WABA Fun -
  48. Zometool -

Dr. Toy's complete Construction Toys Report is available for reference and download at The listing report includes every company, product, customer service number, web site link, a full product description of each product with photo, and appropriate age range and MSRP. In addition, Dr. Toy award-winning, on-line magazine, Dr. Toy’s Guide ( features interviews and articles by Dr. Toy, plus hundreds of other Best Products including high to low tech and products for all reasons and seasons. At this time over 4000 products are included on the site with direct links to companies, stores, toy history, parent resources, and much more. A FREE copy of any report is available at or by sending a SASE envelope to Dr. Toy

ENGINO.NET LTD was established in 2004 in order to commercialize the patented ideas of Costas Sisamos, the designer of ENGINO TOY SYSTEM. After three years of R&D in the field of pedagogical construction play, the basic System was made available in late 2006. The Technology System followed up soon, which incorporates axles, gears, pulleys and other mechanical components. The company is based in Cyprus but it has also set up a UK branch for handling the large UK market directly. Although the product was just recently launched, it already received prestigious awards such as Dr.Toy's 10 BEST and 100 BEST, and is now exported to USA, France, Korea, Norway, UK, Greece and Czech very successfully. The innovation of ENGINO lies in the ability to snap lock at many different positions simultaneously while being able to tackle all dimensions of the 3D space, not being restricted by any angle or length. The System is also fully compatible with wooden dowels of 10x10 mm and is perhaps the first hybrid toy in the world. The patented design of the components leads to very large builds using a very low number of different components and a small quantity of parts.

For additional information about the Conference on Construction Toys, please visit

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Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., aka “Dr. Toy” has been evaluating and speaking about toys and children’s products for more than 30 years. She was a teacher, and staff member of the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Economic Opportunity, where she evaluated educational programs, approved the first grant to “Sesame Street,” organized the first in-house child care center for federal employees’ children, and developed a federal research program on child care.

Dr. Auerbach is trained in child development, education, child psychology and special education. She is a parent educator, consultant, parent and playful grandparent. She founded the San Francisco International Toy Museum, the first “Hands On” Toy Museum, the first web site on toys (Dr. Toy's Guide: and is the author of 15 books and hundreds of articles, including her best-selling book, Smart Play/Smart Toys How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q. It is published in many languages and is internationally available in Croatia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Russia, Spain and Thailand.

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At this time over 4000 products are included on the site with direct links to companies, stores, toy history, and parent teacher and other resources. A FREE copy of the report is available at or by sending a SASE envelope.

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