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Walmart LogoDr. Toy and Wal-Mart Team Up
For Holiday ’07 Smart Toy Buying Tour

Atlanta, GA – (Nov. 21, 2007) - Dr. Toy and Wal-Mart teamed up recently to give parents tips on choosing some of the top toys on kids’ wish lists this holiday season.

Child development expert and author Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, better known as “Dr. Toy,” recently spoke to several morning television news segments and radio stations across the U.S. to give parents the facts on toy trends, toy safety and the best toys for kids this year.

Appearing nationwide via satellite from Atlanta, Dr. Toy shared with America

Wal-Mart launched its Toy Safety Net Program this fall to extend on-going testing efforts, retesting more than 12,000 toys for lead and removable parts. Dr. Toy said, “It is wonderful to be working along side Wal-Mart, who is leading the retail industry and taking action to reassure parents.  Our purpose was to not just share efforts being made for toy safety but also to help parents never underestimate the power of play. I’m overjoyed to be able to speak to parents and grandparents about the benefits of toys that encourage physical activity, mental stimulation, education and of course, fun, especially this year.”

Wal-Mart for the Holidays
Wal-Mart's every day commitment to its customers is to bring convenience, great products, and a great price to families, so that with those savings they can live better.  Wal-Mart saved families more than $2,500 per household last year, and more than $650 per family in the holiday shopping period.  That commitment this holiday season is just as strong, with on-going rollbacks on great items and special pricing days for secret items via

This holiday season, Wal-Mart is wrapping its stores in savings, and, in more than 1,500 stores, is converting its Garden Center into a full Christmas Shop.  Here, shoppers can experience the sights, sounds, toys, foods, and hottest new holiday items!  Every weekend beginning Nov. 3, Wal-Mart Christmas Shops will treat shoppers to demonstrations of the most popular items of the season, and give customers a "taste" of new toys, new foods, and cool electronics before they buy.  Plus Santa will be there for the kids, while Mom visits Toyland and other store areas to do her shopping.  Kids can also visit a special web site ( to create their own "wish list" and help mom, dad and grandma see what THEY really want this holiday season.

Wal-Mart’s Top 12 list fits into the important trends that Dr. Toy agrees promote interactive play, physical activity, and role play – all important to a child’s development.   The Wal-Mart’s Top 12 Toys of Christmas are:

About Dr Toy
Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., aka “Dr. Toy” has been evaluating and speaking about toys and children’s products for more than 30 years. She was a teacher, and staff member of the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Economic Opportunity, where she evaluated educational programs, approved the first grant to “Sesame Street,” organized the first in-house child care center for federal employees’ children, and developed a federal research program on child care.

Dr. Auerbach is trained in child development, education, child psychology and special education. She is a parent educator, consultant, parent and playful grandparent. She founded the San Francisco International Toy Museum, the first “Hands On” Toy Museum, the first web site on toys (Dr. Toy's Guide: and is the author of 15 books and hundreds of articles, including her best-selling book, Smart Play/Smart Toys How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q. It is published in many languages and is internationally available in Croatia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Russia, Spain and Thailand.

Dr. Auerbach is director of the non-profit Institute for Childhood Resources in San Francisco. Her awards programs featured on recognize best educationally oriented, developmentally appropriate and skill-building products. Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products 2007 report on includes company customer service numbers, web site URL, age range, price, and a full description of each product.

In addition, Dr. Toy award-winning, on-line magazine, Dr. Toy’s Guide ( features full color photos of each product, links to manufacturers, interviews and articles by Dr. Toy, plus hundreds of other Best Products including high to low tech and products for all reasons and seasons plus Ask Dr. Toy Feature and much more.

At this time over 4000 products are included on the site with direct links to companies, stores, toy history, and parent teacher and other resources. A FREE copy of the report is available at or by sending a SASE envelope.

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