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Construction Presentation And Exhibition - Follow Up

October 4, 2007

"Let’s build a better tomorrow one brick at a time today" - Dr. Toy

Hello! We are just back. I want to send you an update on the event with heartfelt thanks.

This is a summary report of a highly successful all day conference in Cyprus on September 15th at the University of Cyprus on the educational benefits of construction play and exhibition of products— viewed and appreciated by hundreds of participants from classroom teachers at all grade levels to professors and administrators. Several toy store owners also attended. The Minister of Education requested the entire collection to be stored until they can arrange for a permanent exhibition,

We plan to add photos shortly to the construction play section on
The summary of the exhibition is attached.

Smart Play Smart Toys Greek EditionMy book, Smart Play Smart Toys was just released in Greece and Cyprus from Patakis publishers I met with publisher in Athens and am very pleased with their commitment to children and parents. I would like to reach Greek Americans. If you know anyone who reads Greek and might like a copy of the book please let me know.

While in Athens I also met with the coordinator if ITRA (international Toy Research Association) and discussed the conference coming up in July—to be held two hours outside of Athens. I was asked topresent a paper on the value of construction toys and to createthis same uniqueexhibition againat this international conference. I would like to know if you would be willing to send the same product again. Following the conference the exhibition will remain on permanent display at the Children’s Museum of Athens. As soon as we have detailed logistics worked out I will follow-up.

Everyone sent product and is listed on the summary and on site.

I want to introduce you to Costas Sisamos, Manager of Engino, andone of the coordinators of the event who wants to personally extend his thanks


On behalf of the Organizers of the 1st Conference on Construction Toys in Cyprus, we would like to express our thanks for sending your samples to the first Construction Exhibition. I am writing our thanksfrom each one toinclude

· The University of Cyprus,
· The Primary Schools Teacher’s Association,
· The Secondary Schools Technology Teacher’s Association, and

The Conference was a huge success. More than 120 teachers (and many of them were also parents) from all levels of the Educational System participated. The event attracted the media as well and in particular the National radio channel CYBC and a major TV station, ANTENNA.

The participants were very impressed by all of the exhibits. They were provided with Dr. Toy’s website ( where the list and the links to all companies is included. The web address was also sent out to all schools so that teachers who did not come would know where to find you.

The Ministry of Education expressed interest to receive all of the products in the exhibit so that they can study them with Teachers. We have therefore donated on your behalf all samples to the Ministry of Education where they will be better used for further research on how to be implemented effectively in the classroom. We welcome your suggestions and materials.

We want you to know that your generosity was greatly appreciated by all of the participants and organizers. The children who also attended enthusiastically experienced your products first hand. Several retailers also attended. Dr. Toy took many pictures and will share them on her site shortly. We again thank you for your generous donation and participation.
On behalf of the Organizers


Costas Sisamos
Engino Managing Director


Dr. Toy wrote to those who participated in the conference planning and follow up

Dear Friends
First thank you for your part in planning and creating the first construction play in Education Conference at the University of Cyprus. I was most honored to be invited to speak and to share my insights with the attendees.

My husband Ralph and I were greatly impressed by all of the arrangements made, the facility, the level of commitment of teachers to attend a full day on Saturday, the quality of the entire program and for all aspects of the plans that made this a memorable event.

I was glad to have been able to provide, with the extraordinary support ofCostas Sisamos, the amazing exhibition from many wonderful companies who wanted you to know better their valued products. I knew how well they are all correlated and contribute to the construction experiences of childrenand to the curriculum. This has been a unique opportunity to create the first exhibition of its kind ever-- anywhere.

I am glad this special eventhappened in your historically rich country where innovation is well known. I heard this from other professionals, and I confirm this as true after meeting with each of you. Not only was the day itself perfect,but the continuation the next day of lively discussion over lunch convinced me that all the months of efforts prior to our visit were more than well worthwhile. Thank you for whatever you are able to do next to continue the enthusiasm for the concept of "building the future one brick at a time". May everything go well.

I look forward to my book reaching you in the month ahead, and to hearing that it provides reinforcement for your dedication to children and families. After meeting with my publisher Elena Patakis, in Athens, I was pleased to learn that the timing is even better for the books successful; release. Some things cannot be rushed(like good wine) and it all takes time--You will receive copies through the kind coordination of Costas who will also be meeting with the publisher shortly. I look forward to your response and staying in contact with you.

Again my appreciation for all that you did to make this such as effective and memorable event..

We will place the photos from the program on our site-- Youwill now find the list of products, photos, information, company web site and other details. Wish you and all of the other teachers and parents the very best ahead.

With best regards
Your friend,
Stevanne/Dr. Toy

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D./Dr. Toy
268 Bush Street
San Francisco, California 94104

July 23 2007
Dear Friends--Construction Play and Learning Coordinators

Thank you for your interest in participating in the world's first—Comprehensive Construction Play and Learning International Exhibition to be an integral part of the forthcoming Conference - Construction Toys in Design and Technology and in the planningfor the The Cyprus International Demonstration Centre for Construction Play and Learning.

The plans so far --see attached invitation to participate from Coordinating Committee in Cyprus for more details --

This is an overview--

The participants exhibiting their products encompass large and small companies from around the world who produce innovative and complementary products that will provide many opportunities for valuable feedback, testing, promotion and sales.
Representatives in Athens, Greece of a major company will attend the conference and lend support. Anyone connected to contributing companiesmay attend the Conference--language will beGreek. Everyone involved will benefit from exposure and participation. Professional, business and promotional value will be realized.

B. Dr. Toy's Presentation
Dr. Auerbach will presentthe keynote presentationon "The Impact of CONSTRUCTION PLAY AND LEARNING from Preschool Through Technology Training and Beyond.” The paper will be available and posted on along with the final selected product list with links to each participating company and photos of the products and photos of the event. Dr. Toy's book Smart Play /Smart Toys: How to Raise a Child with a High P. Q. will be published in Greek and distributed in Cyprus and Greece and hopefully also in the USA.

C. Dr. Toy’s Selected Construction Products List
Please do the following:
1. See attached update on selected products
2. Review and update product information (only if there is a change or you have not already done so) If you have already sent back edits they have been incorporated. Thank you. Copy and paste in return email any change on the list (if product is no longer available you may select an appropriate alternative). If ok email and verify info is correct. If there is anyone elseassociated with your company you want to add to our contact roster please send name, title, and email.
Send a quote on the value of construction play and any research data. The quotes received will be placed on site also.
3. Notify Dr. Toy of any suggested substitute forproduct listed if not currently available.
4. Please return asap a photo of the product to add to the special feature(handout and website – (72dpi- 300 x 300 pixels). Send to Include name of product, company and "CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS LIST" This feature will be coordinated by Byron Troy.
5. If your company wants to submit an application for the "100 Best Products Program" (new products for this year) contact with any questions.See application attached
Thank you for your reviewof your product(s) included in this special Construction Products Resource List (attached). The product list will be distributed to hundreds of educators and parents attending the conference, posted on and on other sites. Distributed to all school in Cyprus and shared with contacts in Greece.
Information about your products will be presented by Dr. Toy during her presentation at the Conference andto the media. Dr. Toy will be talking to the media about “The Benefits of Construction Play and Learning”. Special releases will be prepared and all participants will be included in each mailing.Mediawill be coordinatedbyGreg Walsh . All participants will be invited to examine and become more familiar with the benefits of each exhibited product.
Sponsors already in place for this special program and presentation include: Educational Insights, Engino, Learning Resources, MEGABRANDS, Little Tikes/MGA Entertainment, Tangle Toys and b.dazzle puzzles. If your company wishes to learn how you can contribute contact Dr. Toy ().

1. Please send your products --one set for display-- if its most advantageous (glued and well packed) and the other for exploration(plus pressreleases, companyinformation handouts and/or whateverelse you mayprovide) to arrive by August 20 --two of each identified product.

See Invitation from the Coordinating Committee for more details.

Karava 3, Pano Polemedia
4130, Limassol Cyprus phone +35725821960
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