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First Conference in Cyprus on Construction Toys in Design and Technology

University of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus

Selected Construction Products Exhibition List

Stevanne Auerbach,PhD. (Dr. Toy) selected a wide variety of different construction products (or related to construction activity) for use in classroom and home. These outstanding award-winning products are produced and provided by diverse companies from around the world offering a full array of valuable learning and play experiences for children of all ages and all abilities.

The recommended construction products participating in the Construction Products Exhibition at the Educator’s Conference in Cyprus are:

Astro-logix Design


Construction toy that now comes in glow in the dark and bright neon colors. Build freeform creations or a wide variety of geometric structures. Kits contain flexible connecting hubs and tubes with complete full-color illustrated instructions.

b. dazzle, Inc.

Teachers Scramble Squares® 9-Piece Puzzle

The value of education and the dedication of teachers who mold future generations and society are honored by the new "TEACHERS" Scramble Squares® brainteaser puzzle. Easy to Play, But Hard To Solve! ® For all ages. Each Scramble Squares® puzzle has only nine 4” x 4” pieces, but are perhaps the World’s Most Challenging Puzzle®! Teaches patience, perseverance, fine motor skills and critical thinking skills and helps maintain mental agility. Each puzzle package includes a panel of fascinating facts, packaged in a resealable travel pouch.

Blue Orange Games


Fun building game helps children develop eye-hand coordination while inspiring creativity. Try to build the most fantastic pyramid of elephants. Players take turns throwing the die to find out how many elephants to add to the pyramid. The player who puts the last elephant on the pyramid wins the game.

Bridge Street Toys

Tekton™ Tower, A Girder & Panel® Building Set

Educational building set for design and construction of buildings. The pieces encourage architectural designs. Young builders can create many different kinds of buildings. The Girder and panel sets were originally introduced in the 1950’s by Kenner. 250 pieces with carrying case and full color instruction book


Flexible building with high quality wooden products. BRIO is made in Sweden and offers outstanding wooden materials for tactile play experiences.

Dr. Drew's Toys

Discovery Blocks

Wooden blocks keep children engaged in creative play. They are perfect and safe for small hands and offer building with simple patterns. In the larger hands of junior engineers and architects, these blocks become fantastic structures and sculptural works of art. Carefully made of kiln dried North American beech wood, they are all the same size. The blocks measure 3” x 1/2” and come in a canvas bag. Young builders will be amazed at the structural patterns to create with these blocks. They inspire imagination and lead to a world of discovery.


Construction System

Allows designing and building structures with ingenious engineering mechanisms. All parts snap-fit to stay together and the system is expandable in any direction, in any angle. The expandable rods serve as connectors on both sides simultaneously and allow triangular shapes to be created. The pieces are sized big for small hands and come in bright colors children will enjoy. Explore three-dimensional space, increase eye-hand coordination and learn about structures, levers, mechanisms and pulleys. Each construction set can be combined for amazing possibilities and comes with color-coded instructions for all 60 models.

Fat Brain Toy

Zolo Playsculpture

Creative building sets you can't help but love. Beautiful bits of artful whimsy. Curves, stripes, dots, oddities for laugh-out-loud building fun for all ages. Construction play that combines glorious color, eye-popping attitude, and impeccable design. With a few Zolo pieces, meaningful self-expression meshes with pure delight - not to mention, dexterity practice.

Fat Brain Toy

Dado Cubes

Combine art and science as creatorexplores architectural principles including proportion, balance,structure and color. A new twist on classic building blocks, Dado engages imagination as slits on each cube are interlocked to create anunlimited number of three-dimensional structures. Constructed horizontally, vertically or nested together, Dado invites visual spatial development and problem solving through design-centered, attention-grabbing fun! Each set features 10 cubes, capable of building structures over 32 inches high!

GreenHouse International


Inflatable block building and construction toy unique life sized construction toy allows children to build an almost unlimited number of structures easily, quickly and safely with clips. Ideal for both boys and girls geometrically shaped panels inflate in seconds, large yet lightweight, and safe with no sharp edges. Macro valve allows for inflation in seconds with a fast action turbo pump. Once inflated, specially designed clips are used to connect and link individual AirBlox pieces together quickly, with detailed illustrations.


JigsawBlocks Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land jigsaw blocks made of beech wood feature a different shape, color, picture, pattern or sound. There is a kaleidoscope block, mirror and also a little bell. Little hands will have fun manipulating building blocks. Arrange bear, mouse, lion and other animals into a jigsaw puzzle picture or pile them up like construction bricks. Blocks are made of beech and birchwoods with foil coating to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Forty pieces of high quality wooden products from Germany

Hands On Toys

Toobers & Zots

Bright colored foam tubes from 2 to 4 feet long are easily bendable. Assorted shapes fit on the tubes like beads. Children will create to their hearts content. They will make head pieces, animals, or anything else young artists wants to create. This product offers many, fun tactile experiences for all young builders. Toobers, foam tubes bend into any shape. Zots are an assortment of shapes, including circles, squares, triangles that connect with Toobers. They are colorful, soft and non-toxic. They are part of a growing line of products that provides flexible construction experiences and learning.

Hape International

Bamboo Contina

The construction possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination
with 120 lightweight tiles in 8 color, black and natural finishes. Eco-friendly bamboo was used to create this creative construction set.

Hape International

Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set

The Quadrilla marble run is a truly “open-ended” toy that can help a child assemble structures that will demonstrate some fundamental – but fascinating – principles of construction. A child may not know it, but Quadrilla can help her or him experience the process of design as they build their own marble run, understand cause and effect and see first hand how kinetic energy differs from gravitational energy. Of course, the most important principle the child will experience is the fundamental principle of fun. Each Quadrilla set comes complete with an extensive assortment of beautifully crafted, solid wood rails. Each set also contains a variety of colored wood blocks that serve as connector channels. Together these pieces allow the child to construct either simple structures or complex, multi-tiered structures.


Mini Mix 250

Bucket full of unique construction bricks 6-sided flexible building tiles with a unique patented interlocking design and diverse applications. They link together by a simple weaving method. This is an excellent way to have fun with tactile learning. Children develop fine motor skills handling and manipulating the pieces, critical thinking, problem solving, sequencing and categorizing skills. Contains 250 construction pieces of assorted colors, and booklet with design ideas.



Creative construction challenges are packaged in its own portable, plastic carry case with thirty-five piece, educational manipulatives. Allows child to create artistic designs, architectural structures, lifelike creatures, robotic forms and works of art. Geometric symmetry of WEDGITS™ inspires artistic character through free-form play and open-ended design. 33 blocks and 2 expansion parts, key chain and sample deck of design cards.



A building set with a difference—pieces move after kids put them together. Play with ZOOB creations, instead of only looking at them. ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together to form joints that rotate, limbs that extend, axles that spin, and lots more. Create simple models in minutes, or spend hours. No limit to what can be built: Based on real-life systems, has built-in educational value encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imaginations. Intuitive enough for young child to play with and academically robust enough that college professors use them to model items such as DNA double helixes, anatomic parts, and architectural and mechanical designs. Inspired by basic structural units of nucleic acids that make up DNA. Helps with spatial relationships, modeling, motor skills, creative visualization, and problem-solving.

Jonic Distribution


Magnetic construction set of 125 pieces is ideal for more advanced builders that want more complex geometric structures. In addition to 31 full magnetic rods and 24 chrome steel spheres, it comes with geometric shapes - 26 triangles, 16 quadrangles, 16 rhombi and 12 pentagons. Geomag is manufactured in Switzerland.


Barrel 200-piece Set

Identically shaped Kapla planks combine education and play to allow children to create amazing constructions while sharpening hand to eye movement and embracing artistic and scientific concepts. Kapla is highly versatile and crosses multidisciplines of art and architecture, geometry and physics, science and history. Try building the Eiffel Tower, a fortress and fierce dragon, a cityscape or landscape – where-ever the imagination leads. Kapla encourages concentration and problem solving while having tons of building fun. No snaps or glue or interconnecting parts are required, just gravity and balance and imagination. Each 4 ½" x 1" x ¼" plank is made of marine pine from renewable French forests. Kapla is a toy parents can feel good about, not just for its capacity to encourage big imagination, but for the small environmental footprint it leaves behind.


Amusement Park Experience

Build 13 classic rides including a roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel, pirate ship, scrambler, swing and boom rides right in your classroom! Build the roller coaster model, or two rides simultaneously and let the exploring begin! Teacher guide with inquiry based lesson plans, written to meet state and national standards included to guide the exploration of speed, distance, time, mass, motion rotational motion, and much more! Grades 5 - 9.www.


Classroom Collection

Excellent set to introduce students to the K'NEX spatial building system. These big, soft, chunky pieces can be used by children with varying manipulative skills. Build 22 models using 1:1 correspondence cards, or create your own creatures using the 267 parts, including 12 eyes, 6 feet, and 6 ears/wings. Enough pieces for 10-12 children to build simultaneously. Pre K – 1st grade classroom

K'NEX Industries

LincolnLogs Collector's Edition

Original Lincoln Logs in the original color palate, great green roof slats, and red chimneys are completely restored. The feeling of nostalgia for anyone who remembers the fun they had playing with their Lincoln logs. Everyone in the family can have fun putting buildings together. 1916 was year Frank Lloyd Wright’s son John Lloyd Wright, created Lincoln Logs. His idea was inspired by the interlocking beams used by his father designed for the Tokyo Imperial Hotel. The logs were named after Abraham Lincoln who was born in a log cabin.

K'NEX Industries

Musical Carousel

A very successful building set. Build a giant, 16-horse carousel a delightful structure that provides a lot of fun for all builders. There are over 1,000 pieces including a motor pack.

K'NEX Industries

Super Structures™

Construct the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, and more. Experienced builders can create designs ranging from bridges to monuments with the rods, connector pieces and new parts flexi-rods and flexi-panels that are included in the kit. 468 pieces included in this set plus a battery-operated motor included for models that move (requires 2 “AA” batteries--not included). It also comes with idea sheet for building 50 models.

Learning Materials Workshop


A construction toy and a puzzle rolled into one. Children build cones, towers, tunnels, spirals, and other creative structures or nest the asymmetrical arches into a round tray. Includes 12 rainbow colored arch forms, 1 hardwoood tray. For ages 3-8

Learning Resources

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Illuma∙Bot™

Create a robot with special features. 105-piece set allows young learners to build a battery-operated remote-controlled model robot. Robot includes a chrome head with flashing lights and dome lights, detachable claws, large light gear, fiber optics and a remote-controlled infrared motor with a 25-foot range. Color-coded instructions for four motorized models make construction a snap. Requires 7 “AA” batteries, not included.

Learning Resources

M.Gears™ Remote Control Racers

Create ultimate racing car using color-coded instructions. Build two different remote control racers from each set, build supercharger or combine with other Learning Resources® M.Gears™ sets. This construction toy includes everything needed for speedway including a driver, pylon cones, and flag with stickers, infrared motor base and hand control each require four AA batteries, not included

LEGO Systems

LEGO Creator Tub

This sturdy storage tub is filled with 405 pieces of LEGOs in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can build practically anything! Let your imagination run wild.

LEGO Systems


Young architects can recreate the house of their dreams. Complete with roof bricks, windows, doors and fences, this house will have budding architects and designers living in style! Includes step-by-step instructions for building and rebuilding three structures in one box, plus photo inspiration for many more. 1174 pieces

LEGO Systems

Monster Dino

Creators can build this powerful dinosaur, and then use the new LEGO power system to make him walk, move his head and roar! Glow in the dark elements make the Dino even more ferocious at night! Includes step-by-step building instructions so children can make a walking spider or a crawling crocodile after the dinosaur has been tamed. Includes battery box, 2 motors, remove control and additional sensor. Requires 6 AA and 3 AAA batteries. 792 pieces.

LEGO Systems

Mindstorms NXT

The creative possibilities are endless with this redesigned robotics toolset that leverages the best of the LEGO® System, new technologies and a new software package. Includes: NXT intelligent brick – 32 bit processor with 8-bit memory, FLASH and new 6-wire system with large dot matrix display, real sound speaker, 4 input ports and 3 output ports, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, 3 interactive servo motors with in-built rotation sensors for precise control, 4 sensors: new ultrasonic and sound sensors (1 each), plus light and touch sensors (1 each), Easy-to-use software interface with intuitive icon-based programming, powered by LabVIEW, “Easy Win” challenges and Quick-Start guide to achieve robot success in just 30 minutes, PC/MAC compatible. 571 LEGO® TECHNIC® pieces.

Little Tikes/MGA Entertainment

Wee Waffle® Blocks

Blocks help little builders grow their big imaginations, making anything from a castle to a launching pad! Includes 36 colorful interlocking blocks: 18 solid, 12 window and 6 door blocks. Convenient bucket for storage. Use holes on the lid as a stable building base for their big projects.



Construction toy tubular based building kit that reminds you of Tinkertoys. The kit utilizes 3 sizes of tubes along with 10 diffferent shaped easy fit connectors that allow child and adult to create fun and unique structures. Konstruk-Tubes™ is made of child safe translucent plastic in brilliant colors.

Maple Landmark

Montgomery Schoolhouse ABC Blocks

A set of 28 blocks with a proportion assortment of letters and numbers for creating words and making arithmetic combinations. Each block is printed with letters, numbers and simple pictures such as a chair, tree, hat, duck, or telephone for word and object recognition practice. The 1 3/4" cubes are cut from local rock maple and sanded smooth. Easy to build and stack with and children enjoy playing with blocks.


Erector Sets

A staple of children's development for over 90 years. Developed by A. C. Gilbert in 1913, many generations have benefited from the realistic building components and open-ended play that is encouraged by erector sets. In recent years Meccano has refreshed the Erector set principle with dozens of innovative kits that allow children (and adults) to create classics like the Ferris wheel to new designs like a motorcycle, a roadster, crane, and skyscrapers like the Empire State Building. Offers a wide range of skill levels for everyone!


Speed Play Robot

A new evolutionary range within the Erector® product universe. Company started in 1898 in Liverpool by Frank Hornby A special fastening system allows for very rapid assembly of projects and all components are compatible with classic Meccano® sets. Most sets come with a special power tool that not only speeds up the process of putting all the pieces together, but also doubles as a power source for whatever is being built. Speed Play™ is faster, easier and extends the creative fun of the Meccano® product line. Features include fully compatible with classic Meccano® computer interactive; includes electronics module & USB cable, download optional movements, sound and music from speed-play. Quick & easy assembly, includes power tool that powers the model plus 2 additional motors, sound and lights, Makes 3 different models: Robot, Crane, 3-Wheeler.600+ parts

MEGA Brands


100 construction blocks help keep children engaged in imaginative play. This is a big variety of fun that comes in a colorful assortment of blocks.

MEGA Brands

Lil’ Firetruck™

Working ladder to help extinguish tall fires as little firefighter discovers lots of exciting building and extinguishing opportunities with this sturdy red truck, 8 Maxi Bloks and firefighter figurine.

MEGA Brands


200 assorted Magnetix construction pieces in this unique magnetic building system that helps young learners develop math and science skills while enhancing creativity and imagination. This case features a Magna Base that allows for higher, wider, more dynamic creations and facilitates aerial construction. It has a silver platform, 4 tall metal poles with adjusting bars of assorted metallic colors.

MEGA Brands

Magnetix® Magnetic Building Set

Construction by bringing magnetic play with this innovative new system from Canada of 35 pieces and more builds imagination and enriches problem solving, confidence, early math and science skills..


Mega Bloks™ Building Imagination Bag

The 80-piece Mega Bloks Building Imagination Bag now includes 10 creativity cards to springboard fresh ideas for parents and children to play, learn and interact together. The creativity cards offer imaginative possibilities ranging from games, sports, and learning and building ideas to help develop creativity, discovery and encourage open-ended play. Parents can also go online at to discover more building possibilities!

Mic-O-Mic Americas


These toys utilize assembly system of plugs and flexible clips. Because the plugs are engineered to very high tolerances, they can require strong thumbs to insert and can only be removed with the plug extractor provided with each kit. There are no written instructions – just a few pictures to help the child on his way to solving how to build them. Construction toys are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest European safety standards.

Mr. McGroovy's

Box Rivets™

Reusable plastic fasteners for building custom play environments from recycled cardboard boxes. A unique product that bridges toy categories, Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets™ are a catalyst for imagination, invention, and pretend play. See plans for creating a construction or pyramid using rivets.

Museum Tour Catalog


Construction toy helps sharpen navigational skills while teaching children valuable lessons in teamwork and physics. WonderMaze’s magnetic backing holds gravity slides, angled slopes, spinners and pegs that become active as balls enter the maze. includes six feature pieces, elbow ramps, two tunnels, six balls and one catch box.

Origin Toys & Games


A suspended construction table top game; challenging for people of all ages. The game, made of 24 specially notched metal rods in 6 colors, requires players to intuitively consider laws of physics which helps reinforce principles of gravity and balance while testing fine motor skills. The patented U-shaped notches allow loose connections that easily pivot and may disengage unexpectedly. You take turns hanging rods from the hook. Each piece can change the center of gravity, shifting the entire structure. Some may fall. Hang all pieces to win.


Binary Player Robot

Beginner series robot your child will enjoy constructing. Robot moves by turning and stopping motors on the right and left sides, controlled by black and white patterns on a disk, which are read by an infrared sensor. Change movement by changing speed variation on the 3-speed gearbox. Battery-operated kit teaches robotic sensing and locomotion. Educational tool to learn electronic circuits and mechanical assemblies. Features pre-assembled printed circuit board, hardware, and mechanical drive system. Basic hand tools required for assembly. Assembling, building and following instructions develop fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. Four "AA” alkaline batteries (not included) required.

Parents® by Battat

Bristle Blocks Twirlie Tots

Super easy-to-connect blocks are made of a soft, flexible plastic in five eye-catching colors and are perfect for even the youngest construction worker. 75 pieces, including fun faces with a range of wild expressions, enough versatile shapes to make a family of creatures, and assortment of movable pieces. Themes include Build a House, Windmill, Vintage Airplane, Robot, Race Car plus handy storage bin/drawer.

Plastic Play


This unique construction toy your child will enjoy is based on the principles of the Japanese art Origami but is much easier. There are shapes in assorted colors for building the models shown or anything else you can think of. The name i-gami is derived from Or-igami. Five different plastic pieces with up to six “living hinges” will allow young builders to bend, fold and snap them together into any 3-dimensional object. Your child’s lightweight creation will stay together nicely and you can take it apart to build another creation. Construct buildings, towers, bridges, geo shapes, planets and more with this kit. Choose from the advanced, intermediate, color harmonies or starter kits


Building & Construction Toy

Building and construction toy for preschoolers to quickly learn to hold, grasp, pile up, balance, move and roll all the elements. Child can easily construct objects, vehicles and more using their own imagination.

Plastwood Industries


Based on magnetism set consists of steel balls and plaster coated magnetic polarized rods. connect rods and spheres to create structures. Teach principles of geometry, magnetism and engineering.



Animals watch happy family walk past. Product comes complete with small pond, two zoo keepers, and a family of four in figures and lots of animals complete the set. Features System X building with enclosures and fences.


Advanced Set to be selected


TINKERTOY® Construction set

Preschoolers have a great way to start building and creating. With classic real wood pieces, TINKERTOY® has been building smiles and learning since 1913. Durable wood and plastic pieces fit together easily in a variety of configurations. Each TINKERTOY® set includes easy-to-follow design suggestions—or encourages child to build whatever can be imagined. Combine two or more TINKERTOY® sets to make even larger structures. From planes to trains to cranes, there are hundreds of possibilities. Parents are encouraged to play with the child to emphasize sharing and teamwork. Pour the entire set into a pile to test problem-solving and imagination skills. Most of all, have fun with TINKERTOY® as you Build Big Fast!


Mighty Tub

Geometric construction toy comes as a big tub full of value with many colorful bricks in different shapes and sizes, solids, cubes and prisms.



Rounded shapes of building bricks allow child to connect and disassemble structures with ease. It comes complete with 140 colorful plastic brick pieces that interlock to create fun structures.


My First Quadro Kit

Unique large-scale modular construction toy on which children can actually climb, crawl, slide and play in and out of doors. You can easily assemble the colorful, precision engineered thermoplastic components into different desired configurations. Larger designs can be created simply by adding more components or accessories like slides or wheels. It’s easy to take apart and build something new and different as often as desired. This is one of the best products to help kids develop gross and fine motor skills, imagination and social interaction skills. //


Skyrail Suspension

A marble run created in Italy is based on a central tower with cable-suspended tracks around it. The tracks or rails are suspended in mid-air through a series of ties and anchors- just like a real suspension bridge. The tracks can be adjusted easily while you play. The 300 piece set stands 3 feet tall when assembled with 30 feet of glow-in-the-dark track. Twelve marbles are included.

Rokenbok Toy Company

Monorail Start Set

Classic building, one-of-a-kind radio control vehicle creates interactive cityscape. The 265 piece set includes track layouts, a rail tower with motorized conveyor, a sorting chute with dumping bins, a radio control Monorail freighter, command deck and control pad.

Tangle Toys

DNA Twisted Puzz

A fun 24-piece interconnected imaginative plaything twists and turns as you move it in your hands.It reacts differently under different lighting conditions. It glows under black light, glows in the dark and day glow. Pick one up and you instantly experience the Tangle’s “Magic in the Motion.” Slip it through your fingers and stimulate the brain as it increases finger dexterity. Designed for children three and up and adults, the Tangle DNA Twisted Puzzle is perfect for travel or for anytime!

Tinker Minds

AeroBloks by Tinker Minds™

Build life-size play structures that are soft yet structurally stable. Each inflatable air cushion is designed with Velcro®-based connectors that latch and detach in seconds but securely hold the structures. Designed with heavy gauge furniture-grade vinyl, each block deflates to a single sheet for ease of storage. The structures are translucent so caretakers can see activities. Starter set comes with 12 colorful square blocks that build 25 play structures, detailed directions on CDROM included.

Tree Blocks

Basic Set

Freeform pieces have different shapes, each set includes 36 pieces to create open-ended patterns. Captivating solid wood tree house is easy to assemble, take apart and reassemble in new and different ways for endless creative play! Comes with a crane and load, retractable stairs, rope ladder, water well, bucket on a pulley, and blocks and pegs to make a lovely spiral stairway. Three larger, level platforms of varying sizes and a 15 inch diameter hardwood base offer plenty of rooms for dolls and furnishings. (Furniture sold separately.) Crafted in Europe from Cherry and Elder. Each is naturally unique and approximately 22 inches tall.

Uncle Goose Toys

ABC Blocks

The alphabet blocks are made from basewood as a 1-3/4 inch square. They come in a basic unit in a wagon or in a box. Other variations include Braille and Braille math blocks. There is a version of nursery rhyme blocks as well. They are used by the child's imagination. Uncle Goose was founded by William Bultman who brought about a revival of the classic embossed ABC block in 1983. When he found out that the blocks he had played with as a child were no longer available. He was making classic wagons and he added the Uncle Goose alphabet blocks. Since he passed the business on to his sons, Scott and Peter have kept the tradition alive. They are based on the turn of the century set of blocks made by the embossing company of Albany, New York. They made products from 1879 to 1955. Previously, toys like this were made by fathers or grandfathers during the winter by hand. The kindergarten movement fueled an interest in educational value of play and toys like the alphabet blocks were sought for alphabets as well as for numbers. Blocks were a favorite toy of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Uncle Goose Toys

Froebel Gifts

The Gifts are designed to stimulate all five senses, build language skills, and help children perceive the unity in all things. They learn about art, math, and nature. The materials in Froebel's class included wood, shapes, clay, origami, painting, weaving, paper, drawing, and other activities. What Froebel knew 150 years has been proven today through a great deal of college and university research. Froebel created teaching materials. The Gifts were symbolic building blocks of the universe with basic geometric forms. Frederich Froebel was born in Central Germany in 1782. He invented kindergarten so that children can be nurtured at an early age. The kindergarten was developed throughout the world. People like Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller and Paul Klee were influenced by the experience.



Interlocking rods, connectors, and panels, over 100 pieces in a container.


Zome Virus Project

Blends science with creativity and imagination. Build with balls and struts. 144 parts and instructions.

For more information see company web site and

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