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Hide and Seek Interactive Plush

Hide and Seek LLC -

$24.95     Buy Now

Age range   1 year thru 5 years      

Toy Type   BO Book   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   MM Multimedia  

The oldest game in the world with technology and wonderful art and platform writing for imagination and encourages play between adults and child and individual play by child. Oldest classic game in the world with a Twist. Using technology and wonderful art you have whimsical plush toy with book and more books as platform to encourage play between adults and children and children by themselves. Playing this game stimulates cognitive learning and education of words/prepositions, and discovery, Charles Cummings invented the patented IC that goes into the Hide and Seek plush. He is also the inventor of Classic Toys, Easy bake Oven, Baby Alive & Spirograph. Kevin Whitlark Cartoonist/artist/writer created the four cat characters and illustrated and wrote all the Hide and Seek Books.

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