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ScienceWiz Cells Under a Microscope

Science Wiz® Company -

$24.99     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BO Book   EQ Equipment   ES Educational Skills   IN Internet   MM Multimedia   SC Science  

Your young scientist can convert a mobile device into a high performance microscope. No focusing needed. Use the camera App to view and photograph and share slide images instantly. Magnification 200X to 400X optical depending on the mobile device. Includes a stage for holding the slide in place. Children can build their own microcope slides, before their eyes. Prepare and stain onion cells, human cheek cells, green plant cells, and even fungi. Watch pond-scum move. Video record and share images. Discover what makes a cell, a cell. The microseope in this product has a breakthrough magnification for a clip-on viewing on any smart device.

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