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smarTrike -

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Age range   6 months thru 3 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CP Creative Product   EQ Equipment   TR Travel   TS Transportation   TY Toy  

smarTfold™ is the rare product that doesn't simply improve its category, it redefines it. Combining a stroller and trike in a package that is 85% smaller when folded for travel or storage is unprecedented. smarTfold™ not only exceeds the portability of most strollers, it simultaneously allows a trike to travel in ways never imagined, to simply go everywhere you can go, just fold 'n store, then unfold 'n go. The revolutionary new quick-click design requires no tools to assemble, and enables folding the trike, while it stays intact, just like a stroller. Equipped with the patented, award-winning Touch Steering® technology, smarTfold™ provides parents more flexible movement and smooth maneuverability with the touch of a hand to easily navigate the sharpest of turns. smarTfold™'s other award-worthy achievement is how it will continually remain essential for the entirety of a toddler's life. smarTfold™ is not simply a ride-on, it is the ultimate choice in "grow-with-me" hybrid products. Featuring seven or eight distinct configurations (depending on the model), smarTfold™'s unique construction contributes to the growth and advancement of a child's motor skills by transforming to support any toddler, at every stage of development, from 6-months to 3-years. As a trike, smarTfold™ elevates the experience of riding by creating new and exciting ways for toddlers to explore and discover the world and themselves, all while developing their confidence, curiosity and imagination. As children grow, smarTfold™ provides them with an independent and active way to get around. smarTfold™ is being positioned as a child's passport to explore the world. And, with smarTfold™, parents can truly appreciate that life is a journey they can watch unfold. smarTfold™ is the latest in a long line of products from smarTrike®, the innovation leader in ride-on trikes for children, and one of the most-awarded-tricycle brands in the world.

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