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Dig It Up! Discoveries: Wild Animals

MindWare, Inc. -

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Age range   4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   ES Educational Skills   LA Language   NO Novelty   OP Outdoor Play   SC Science   TY Toy   UN Unique  

Excavating the preserved remains of a creature is dusty work, but a lesson for young archaeologists who successfully extract a fossil. If you're on the hunt for science experiments for kids, here's one that gives young learners a look into the archaeological practice of a dig. Simply soak the clay pods in water, then carefully chisel away the sedimentary material to reveal the wild animals inside. Each jungle-print pod contains a different wild animal. Helps promote an early interest in science. The perfect activity for parties and groups. Includes12 pods, chiseling tool, and instructions.

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