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Wubble Brite

NSI International Inc -

$24.99     Buy Now

Age range   6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CP Creative Product   EQ Equipment   OP Outdoor Play   TY Toy   UN Unique  

Playing in the dark has never been so much fun. Super Wubble® Brite - the light-up, color-changing Wubble Ball is from NSI International - makers of the wildly popular Super Wubble® Bubble Ball. . This Wubble is like no other, because it has a built-in, super-bright LED light that changes from red to blue to green - with a rainbow of colors in between. And like the original Super Wubble, Wubble Brite looks like a bubble, but plays like a ball. It's super soft, lightweight, and can be inflated to a gigantic 2-1/2 feet tall. The color effects are amazing. The ball is not only fun to play with; it puts on an incredible show. There's never been anything like it, and your child is going to totally enjoy playing with it. Super Wubble Brite has all the same amazing features as the original Super Wubble, so your child can squeeze it, whack it, throw it, bounce it - and even sit on it. But, when the sun goes down or the lights go out, Super Wubble Brite bounces into action with a full spectrum of brilliant LED colors. Your child can keep the fun going indoors or out - day or night - all year long. NSI launched the original Wubble Bubble Ball in 2014. It quickly became a global phenomenon, winning numerous awards, including one of the Best 100 of 2016 by Dr. Toy. Wubble Brite is the newest addition to a Wubble family of products that include Tiny Wubble, Water Wubble refillable water balloon balls, and WubbleX - helium-fillable "anti-gravity" Wubble Ball. The new ball comes with a portable pump and deflator (for easy storage).

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