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Spin Master Ltd. -

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Age range   4 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   DO Doll   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational Skills   FP Fantasy Play   LA Language   TC Technology   TY Toy  

Luvabella™ and Luvabeau™, the most interactive and lifelike baby dolls ever. With so many real baby surprises to discover, kids will be continuously amazed. The first doll of its kind, Luvabella is a technological breakthrough with hundreds of lifelike expressions and interactive responses based on advanced animatronic technology. Both Luvabella and Luvabeau behave like real babies. Tickle Luvabella's tummy and she'll giggle. Feed her with her spoon and she'll start to chew. Cover Luvabeau's eyes and he'll play peek-a-boo. Give him his lamby toy and he'll give it a kiss--or not. Like real babies, Luvabella and Luvabeau are never predictable, but always adorable. The dolls' realistic facial expressions, unpredictable responses and ability to say over 100 words is a huge advance in the area of interactive dolls. Classic doll play has risent to a whole new level, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the imaginative world of nurturing. Luvabella has hundreds of unique lifelike responses, making her irresistible to everyone who has experienced her realism and interactivity first hand. Luvabella is available in three skin tones and Luvabeau is her brother. The dolls are so lifelike and easy to love, they're great preparation for children waiting to welcome a new sibling into the family.

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