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Journal Sparks

Storey Publishing LLC -

$16.95     Buy Now

Age range   10 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   BO Book   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills  

Using words, drawing, collage, and observation-based list-making, award-winning author Emily K. Neuburger highlights the many paths to journaling. Her 60 interactive writing prompts and art how-tos helps your child expand imagination and stimulate creativity. Every spread invites a new approach to filling a page, from making a visual map of a day-in-my-life to turning random splotches into quirky characters for a playful story. It's the perfect companion to all those blank books, and is an ideal launchpad to explore creative self-expression and develop an imaginative voice. Perfect to expand creative expression for anyone ages 10 to 100.

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