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Pixlplay Camera

Pixl Toys Inc -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational Skills   MA Math   MM Multimedia   OP Outdoor Play   TC Technology  

The Pixlplay Camera is easy, fun and gets kids active and creative through photography. A great way to make use of your smartphone. It's easy as you simply place your Apple or Android device into Pixlplay to take photos and create fun effects with the included activities and app. Pixlplay protects your device and encourages active and creative play while kids learn through photography. Simply open the door, plug in the headphone jack, and insert your phone. The headphone jack powers the camera shutter button just like a classic 35mm camera. You can also access the camera shutter button and touch-screen through the protective screen. The working shutter button and knobs with clicking sound improve dexterity and fine motor skills. The working shutter button and app teach cause-effect and cognitive skills. The included activities encourage self-expression and teach kids and adults about colors, numbers, and shapes through photography.The classic 35mm camera design appeals to everyone. Features: Child resistant latches, Screen protection, Drop protection, Dirt protection, No cell network required, Optional connectivity (turn off wifi), No bluetooth, No personal information collected. Includes: 1 sticker sheet, 2 activity sheets (scavenger hunt and photo booth cut-outs), instruction manual + quick-start guide, and free iOS App. The app includes 5 modes to create and explore: Live camera, edit photos, photo gallery, photo adventure map, and gallery. The app contains your child's experience (and photos!) and the large buttons and simple interface make photography easy. Pixlplay also works great with any photography app in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Learn more and download the Pixlplay app here:

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