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Trash War

Quirky Engine Entertainment -

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Age range   10 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CG Card Game   CP Creative Product   GE Game   TY Toy   UN Unique  

Trash War, The Card Game of Medieval Junkyard Combat, is a game about what goes on in the junkyards when nobody is around. After the metal crushers shut down and the land movers roll back into their hangers, after the underpaid employees clock out and call it a night, that's when the knights arrive, dressed in shimmering armor, impassioned with chivalry, and a taste for war. It is in the junkyards where these warriors find tools for battle. And in the landfills, legends are born. Trash War pits players against each other as medieval knights doing battle in a modern day junkyard. The weapons of choice are trash. Players go after opposing knights by flinging trash at them. But these knights don't use everyday trash. Artillery can include grand pianos, yesterday's leftovers, muscle cars, mutant albino alligators, and even grandpa's false teeth. This game throws out the traditional notion of taking turns in clockwork order. If you are attacked, it is now your turn. You may fling trash at any other player. Hence, turns bounce around the table between players. The artwork in Trash War sets it apart from most games. Each card has its own character and sense of humor. The game becomes alive with hilarious artwork and ping-pong-turn game play. The Quirky Engine Entertainment developers believe that games should have character above all things. A game doesn't have character unless players can look it in the eye. Trash War has plenty of eyes. Each card features living characters, dripping with sense of humor and dimension. This game has become a staple for families and friends who want to play something quick and fun, with a bit of light strategy. Larry Nybo, the lead developer of Hoagie is a father of three children. He has used tabletop games as a means of child development, family unity, and encouragement of social skills in his family. As a game designer, Larry creates games that intrigue the curiosity of children. Every aspect of his games, from the quirky concepts to the fun artwork, is meant to appeal to families. With so many ideas for games, Larry only puts products into development if he can encourage laugh out loud fun at the table. Quirky Engine Entertainment is a game creation company in Kaysville, UT. To date, Quirky Engine has produced six titles. To help differentiate audience appeal, Quirky places their games into three categories: Monkey Beak Games (for families with young children), 3 Headed Giant Games (for more sophisticated, strategic gamers), and Game-A-Rama (for fast access, general audience party gamers).

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