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Game Night in a Can

Game Night in a Can LLC -

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Age range   10 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CP Creative Product   EC Eco-friendly   GE Game   GN Green   SR Socially Responsible  

Game Night in a Can is a collection of 30 original party games that are made to get people moving and thinking in new ways. Teams will find themselves creating fantastic creatures worthy of the last spot on Noah's Ark, or inventing a new ghost story that takes place in the room they're sitting in. There are silly physical challenges like paper airplane competitions or coming up with a new dance move. The fun is always changing and the creativity knows no bounds.

Inventors Barry McLaughlin and Jason Lautenschleger were tired of only picking one game to play on game night. They wanted variety and creativity. They wanted everyone to finish the night feeling like a winner. One night, while playing Trivial Pursuit, they decided to change it up by adding different games every 15 minutes. They did Trivia, then we'd see who could throw the most paper balls in a hat, then they'd have each team come up with a new animal worthy of the last spot on Noah's Ark. And so on. This is how the idea for Game Night in a Can was born. They started hosting Game Nights all over Los Angeles--at houses and comedy clubs like the Hollywood Improv. They got funded on Kickstarter and started selling online in 2016. Game Night in a Can is sustainable fun. They didn't want to make a game that would take up space in closet. Or create more junk that ends up in landfills (they actually plant a tree for every can sold through a partnership with Trees For The Future). They wanted to make a game that got your mind working, your body moving, and the creative juices flowing. When people play a handful of the 30 original games in Game Night in a Can, the electricity and creativity in the room starts crackling.

Families with tweens and teens are engaged in new ways. Teachers pull out just games as a quick, 15-minute activity. They love the creativity from the people who open the lid (which also has the spinner attached to it!) to Game Night in a Can.

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