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Sea Saurus Pirate & Fairy

DuneCraft -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   HO Hobby   OP Outdoor Play   SC Science   UN Unique  

Have you ever imagined your own under water world? With our new Sea-Saurus line you can create your own underwater reality! Grow your very own colony of Sea-Sauruses! These amazing creature's eggs can lie dormant for decades and will hatch when submerged in water. They like to be in shallow, fresh water, with plenty of oxygen, and the Sanctuary provides all this and more for them! Sea-Saurus are related to lobsters and crabs, and the largest sea-saurus ever found was longer than a hot dog! Sea-Sauruses feed on the minerals of sand and stones in their habitat, as well as on the provided food! They will hatch in one to three days and can grow up to one inch in length! Only a fraction of eggs hatch each time, so it is easy to start more! Sunlight is very important for your underwater world! Two hours a day is ideal, and will promote feeding and growth. Be sure to not disturb the water while the eggs are hatching. Sea-Saurus need calm and still water to hatch. Create you own exciting Fairy Undersea Village! Personalize your underwater world with our glistening iridescent jewels, real looking fairy village decals, undersea sand, and amazing rainbow colored gravel! Or, you can create your own mysterious Undersea Pirates Cove! Burry your own pirates gold! Personalize your underwater world with sinking shipwreck backround decals! Get your own Sea-Saurus today and create your own under water world!

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