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Sew Your Own Purses

Serabeena -

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Age range   4 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   AC Arts and Craft   CP Creative Product   ES Educational Skills   TR Travel   TY Toy  

This fun to do craft kit includes everything needed for children to easily create and make their own felt purses. Includes six felt purses with pre-punched holes, plastic safety needles, and yarn. Your child can mix and match the colors to make their very own creations. This product encourages creativity, open-ended play, and fine motor skills development while instilling confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. This kit can be done alone, on rainy days, or with friends. Each purse is pre-packed with all necessary components, making these kits a suitable craft activity for birthday parties, or for giving as perfect party favors. Your child can swap the colors, and felt decorations with friends, and enjoy working together to complete the craft activity. Each set includes: 6 purses, 12 felt decorations, 6 lengths of yarn, 6 safety sewing needles, and a set of instructions. The versatile kits are easily available from and Amazon. Serabeena is a second-generation toy company started in 2000 by toy industry veteran, Jan Bitcon. Serabeena takes pride in designing, developing, and manufacturing products that foster children's skills, creativity and imagination. Guided by open-ended play, its products encourage children to develop fine motor skills, storytelling, and problem solving skills while providing an artistic outlet to express themselves. Today, Serabeena is now managed by Jan's son, Nicholas, who carries on the legacy, joy, and ingenuity of the family business.

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