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Rule Crazy, Starter Edition

P.F. Shaggy -

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Age range   5 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   BG Board Game   CG Card Game   CT Cultural   ES Educational Skills   GE Game   LA Language   SR Socially Responsible   UN Unique  

Rule Crazy is the outrageous board game where kids make the rules. Designed to deliver the ideal balance of laughs and learning to new and emerging readers. There's a wonderful magic moment when kids first play. They might be a little nervous about reading the cards, but when they see the hilarious images they're irresistibly drawn in. Perhaps with a little help they read their sentence, and then laugh out loud. They move their token forward on their game board as a reward, and exclaim, "Again! Again!" They're hooked. Before long any fear disappears, and reading confidence is up. Reading becomes fun. Parents and teachers love that. Kids create silly sentences (crazy rules) from cards in the game tray. Mystery Cards, at the back of the tray, offer alternative word choices to change their sentences. After sharing completed sentences and having a good laugh, children move their tokens forward (on their game boards) toward the Win space. Kids must watch out for Wild Cards though, as they turn up randomly to move them ahead and back. Kids, families and teachers (including ESL) appreciate the silly words, topics and imagery - and the 72 sight words (Dolch list), which dial up learning. Value is maximized with rules for beginner, advanced and classroom play. Grade-specific and themed card expansion packs are in development. Rule Crazy's development was shaped by extensive play-testing and feedback from parents, children, teachers and industry professionals. Founder, Shahin Orci, and 6-year-old Sabrina created Rule Crazy because she was challenged to find hilarious games on the mass market retail shelf suitable for 5- and 6-year-olds trying to build their reading confidence. There was a huge gap there, as other families were also searching. Complete rules in box, and amusing "How to Play" videos at

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