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Animoodles -

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Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CO Construction   CP Creative Product   FP Fantasy Play   OP Outdoor Play   PL Plush   TY Toy   UN Unique  

Animoodles are colorful, huggable, soft, fully magnetic mix-and-make plush toys created by veteran artists from Apple, Disney and Pixar. Animoodles have magnetic arms, limbs, bodies, and heads that can be rearranged, fueled by the child’s imagination, into hundreds of configurations, or even stuck to refrigerators. The first five Animoodles include Iris Unicorn, Brady Lion, Randy Orangutan, Hazel Sloth, and Miguel Frog. As part of the brand’s corporate giving mission, limited-edition Animoodle Sophie Elephant has raised thousands of dollars for the African Wildlife Foundation. Marissa Louie serves as the CEO and Chief Designer at Animoodles. Since childhood, Louie imagined stuffed animals as characters with stories waiting to be told. Combining this love for plush and her design experience, Louie brought her own creative spin on classic stuffed animals, which elevated the play pattern for modern times. She developed the Animoodles concept to encourage creativity and storytelling for kids (and adults) through interactive, open-ended, mix-and-make play.

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