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LALABOOM educational beads

Tralala Ltd. -

$29.95     Buy Now

Age range   10 months thru 3 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CO Construction   EC Eco-friendly   ES Educational   LA Language   MA Math   TY Toy   UN Unique  

LALABOOM Educational Beads is a 5-in-1 preschool toy. Each function of the toy corresponds to a stage in the learning curve for children. They discover all functions through manipulation and experimentations. Starting at 10 months, the beads stimulate sensory discoveries (textures, shapes, colors) and motors skills (pop, twist, mix). As children grow their capabilities increase and they are able to do more sophisticated actions (stack/lace). This is a unisex, accessible, and imaginative construction set involving unlimited colorful bead combinations. The lacing tool encourages children to practice lacing beads, an important activity before learning to write. Set includes 11 shapes, 10 colors, 10 textures for hours of learning skills, and fun. The inventor, Fabien Fontaine, a French designer, influenced by the Montessori education approach, has also won product awards in France and Germany. Distributed in the USA by Fat Brain Toys.

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