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BizyBeez -

$69.99     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   CO Construction   ES Educational   FP Fantasy Play   MA Math   SC Science  

The 41-piece set includes 24 colorful straight and curved jumbo magnetic sticks, 8 large colorful connector balls, 4 sets of wheels, and a 10-inch by10-inch portable magnetic playboard, so you can build anywhere. Since launch, it has sold thousands of sets to families, therapists, pre-schools, elementary schools, special needs programs, and hospitals for their burn and brain rehab units. Jumbo magnetic sticks and balls that would not be a choking hazard and that could help kids have a whole-brain learning experience, enable children to develop fine motor skills, and use their creative imaginations. The product serves kids with special needs with various textures to promote positive sensory experiences. MagStix is a fantastic tool for the home; child therapists use it in their practices; and hospitals want it in their burn units for both brain injury and fine motor rehab. It’s also a valuable STEM toy. BizyBeez was founded by Wade and Catherine Reed, homeschool parents of six children, as a means through which to train them in a real world project-based business experience. As a family, they sat down together and worked on the mission, vision, and values of the company. They then found a product category…Magnetic Toys MagStix evolved from that meeting.

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