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Keys to Capitals Board Game

Golden Bell Studios -

$24.95     Buy Now

Age range   7 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BG Board Game   ES Educational   GE Game   GG Geography   SR Socially Responsible  

Keys to the Capitals, an excellent teaching tool for teachers and parents everywhere, is a board game that helps kids of any education level learn important facts about our country, and, in the process, is a way to connect children and families everywhere. The vibrant, multi-colored board acts as a gateway to greater learning. A perfect tool for homeschooling, Keys to the Capital is a fun and engaging way for students of any age to learn more about the United States and help improve short term and long term memory. The game was designed and developed by Tony Tiniveria whowas diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Tony’s creation of this game has gained a lot of fans, many of whom support his mission of bringing awareness to autism and increasing advocacy for the disorder. A portion of the profits from every Keys to the Capitals sold goes to charities dedicated to increasing Autism and Asperger Syndrome awareness and research. Not only does Tony’s game bring families closer together, away from tablets and computers, but it helps spread understanding and knowledge across the country. Education remains one of the greatest keys to living out a successful life, let alone new and engaging board games we can share with close friends and family. Each game helps develop critical thinking and fosters positive social development. With this game, we hope to encourage children to work together as a family group. The mission is to teach children how to maximize their brains and learn to rely on their intuitive memory skills.

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