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Marshfellows Stuffed Toys

Golden Bell Studios -

$24.95     Buy Now

Age range   0 thru 1 year      

Toy Type   AC Arts and Crafts   AE Active   CP Creative Product   PL Plush   TY Toy  

Marshfellows live in a Marshmallowy world that’s on the verge of being S’mored by the chocolate and graham cracker countries. So now they’re all homeless and displaced from their kingdom. After years of separation between the other delicious kingdoms, an orphaned Marshfellow Prince embarks on an epic quest with an arrogant Chocolate Unicorn and a double-sided Graham Cracker Bear to bring order back to his once peaceful and cuddly kingdom. On their journey they’ll deal with MarshVampires, Frankenfellow monstrosities, and, of course, try to stop the onslaught of the invading Zombie Marshfellow horde led by a dastardly king. The Zombiefellows are way too toasted and our Prince must find his father, who has been absent for a long time looking to stop the old magical fires with the mysterious Stick of Roasting. Using the stick is the only way to stop the dark, evil force that none of the homeless Wizardfellows (out of work since magic left the land) know enough about. The Prince and his friends have to deal with the fact that they’re merely soft, delicate dessert food—no older than adolescents, living in an increasingly terrifying world of epic candy propositions. Like their quest to fend off monsters, kids will combat the real fears of growing up and the challenges of managing new friendships. The Marshfellows were designed by Autumn Silva, initially a made from polymer clay. They would often wear various different outfits as people following on social media wanted to customize the Marshfellow to be their own. This has been rooted in the Marshfellow’s philosophy since the very beginning. Every Marshfellow follows this line of thinking. Whether a boy or girl, the Marshfellow can be anything the owner desires it to be. Just like the story, each Marshfellow finds themselves with their owner, encouraging them to make stories and characters of their own. Written and conceived by collaborators Marc Goldner, Rachel Korsen, and Robert Gross, the fantasy adventure story is set in the dessert world. The cute and cuddly toys are white, but machine wash safe. Rachel, the designer of the stuffed toy, used fabric as soft and bouncy as a real marshmallow.

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