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Rigamajig Junior

Heroes Will Rise -

$395.00     Buy Now

Age range   5 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CO Construction   EQ Equipment   ES Educational   MA Math   SC Science   WT Wooden Toy  

Based off the Rigamajig Basic Builder, Rigamajig Junior is designed for home use. Perfect for playing with on the living room or bedroom floor, backyard, or even in the backseat, its handy carrying duffel bag makes it easy to bring along anywhere and put away.. The 1/2" thick Baltic birch planks range from 6" - 22", making it large enough to make things to play inside of, but small and light enough to play in a lap or on a table top. The set has a total of 160 parts.. These materials are manipulable parts and pieces that inspire constructive play, imaginative forms, and cooperative interactions among builders of all ages. Abstract in their identity, these tools/toys inspire children and adults to imagine the origin and story of the toy, as well as how to use it. “What is it?” and “What does it do?” are answered in intuitive details, play prompts, and clues, making the instructions enbedded in the tool/toy. Cas Holman, the founder and principal designer at Heroes Will Rise, an independent toy company focusing on products designed in the spirit of invention and creativity. Hope, their Rhode Island Camp Fun workshop, is situated on a retired summer camp filled with toys, drawings, prototype structures, dreams, and dogs.

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