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Mars Rocket

Laser Pegs -

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Age range   7 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   CO Construction   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational   FP Fantasy Play   HO Hobby   MA Math   SC Science   TC Technology  

Modeled after the next generation of space exploration from NASA, Space X & Blue Origins. This interactive light up Mars Rocket building set features motion-activated sound effects to replicate a true rocket. Tap the rocket to start the countdown sequence, fire up the engines and lift off. Use the detachable boosters, command capsule, mini space station, and light up satellite to become a true space explorer. With 580 pieces, 13 LED lights, 2 mini figure astronauts, a light up space suit and cool decal stickers, this set will take your young astronaut on an out-of-this-world experience. Batteries are included. Mission Mars line offers children a fun alternative to traditional construction toy by illuminating their surroundings with patented light bricks and vibrant color combinations. Created by a dedicated team of dreamers, designers, builders, and innovators who developed the Mars line after visiting numerous aerospace facilities, including the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The goal is to encourage children to learn while they play with the light up playsets. Laser Pegs are unique STEM toys that enhance learning of spatial relations, creative abstract thinking, problem-solving, and math skills by grouping, and improving eye/hand coordination. The vision is to encourage innovation, creativity, and excitement while building one set or an entire world of Laser Pegs. The Laser Pegs team is actively based in Sarasota, Florida, since the company’s inception.

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