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Get the MacGuffin

Looney Labs -

$10.00     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CG Card Game   CT Cultural   EC Eco-friendly   GE Game   SR Socially Responsible  

Get the MacGuffin game consists of 23 oversized cards in a hang tab box, each with a unique power. It can be played by 2-11 players ages 8 and up (younger if they can read well). It takes only 5-10 minutes per round, but is so addictive that people usually play again and again. As an elimination game, the object is to be the last one to still possess cards. “MacGuffin” is a word popularized by Alfred Hitchcock to mean the thing in a movie plot that everyone is trying to get, such as the Maltese Falcon or the Holy Grail. In this game, the “MacGuffin” is a card with the power of making you invincible as long as you can hang onto it. But other cards allow players to steal it, destroy it, buy it, and trade for it, so it is always on the move. The artwork has a film noir theme as a nod to Hitchcock, and the characters give the sense of a movie plot in motion. They include (among others) the Interrogator, the Merchant, the Thief, the Spy, and the Monarch. A variety of skin colors, genders, and body sizes are represented. Children and adults alike love this game. Founded by two NASA scientists 22 years ago, Looney Labs is known for its intelligent, but accessible games. The company is women owned, commited to building community, contributing to social equality, and being environmentally responsible. All the games are made in the USA from recycled paper and have passed safety testing. All the games are designed by Chief Creative Officer, Andrew Looney. The mall price ($10) and size make it a great game for vacations, recesses, after school programs, and family game nights with friends or grandparents.
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