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Looney Labs -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   BO Book   CG Card Game   CP Creative Product   ES Educational   GE Game   LA Language   TR Travel  

Nanofictionary is popular with book stores, library game collections, and teacher supply stores. This immensely fun, yet educational, game requires each player to collect four types of cards—Characters, Settings, Problems, and Resolutions—and to use their collection to tell a short story to the other players. Once everyone has told their story, there is a voting phase to determine the winner. The game does an excellent job of teaching the four basic story elements, which are crucial for both reading comprehension and creative writing. It also gives students just enough scaffolding to aid in creativity. Finally, it builds confidence in public speaking. But most of all, it’s a lot of fun. For classroom use, teachers are encouraged to use the cards in other creative ways. For example, they can give each student a random set of four story element cards and ask them to write a short story using these elements. Nanofictionary Blanks encourage students to create their own cards to add to the deck based on their own environment or going as far as their imaginations can take them. Blanks can also be used to analyze a book the class is reading together. As the story unfolds, cards can be added, creating an effective hands-on and meaningful way of summarizing key story elements. The artwork is intentionally simple, so that cards created by players will blend in well. Founded by two NASA scientists 22 years ago, Looney Labs is known for its intelligent, but accessible games. The company is women owned, commited to building community, contributing to social equality, and being environmentally responsible. All the card games are made in the USA from recycled paper and have passed safety testing. All the games are designed by Chief Creative Officer, Andrew Looney. See more info at

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