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Smithsonian Robo Spider

NSI International, Inc. -

$14.99     Buy Now

Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CO Construction   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational   FP Fantasy Play   HO Hobby   SC Science   TC Technology   UN Unique  

Build your own motorized robot spider with eight multi-jointed legs that duplicate the walking movements of real spiders. This engaging introduction to robots and gears allows you to study the way spiders actually crawl. Assemble the gears and wire the terminals, then attach the legs and pop in batteries to make your Robo Spider move. Experiment with different length legs to see how they change your robot’s stride. Cut and fit rubber tubing to the legs, and watch you spider climb gentle slopes. This kit includes a 23” x 17” color poster that teaches fun facts about spider anatomy, habitat, and more! Requires 1 (1.5V) AA battery (not included). NSI International Inc. is a global marketer and manufacturer of innovative toys and children's products under such established brands as Wubble™ Bubble Ball, Laser X™, Nickelodeon Gak™, Smithsonian® Science and Oglo™ sports.

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