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Bracelet Making Kit

Serabeena -

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Age range   4 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   AC Arts and Crafts   AE Active   CP Creative Product   FP Fantasy Play   GE Game   HM Hand-made   HO Hobby   TR Travel   TY Toy  

Fun, creative bracelet kit from Serabeena encourages girls of all ages make their own 3D art bracelets. Design and decorate, mix and match tyour child can make their own creations. Perfect for gifts and birthday parties. This product encourages open-ended play and fine motor skills development while instilling confidence and accomplishment. Each kit includes: 10 Foam Bracelets (with curvy and straight edges in multiple colors), 40 Flower Beads, 13 Sheets of Sticker Decorations, 4 Elastic Strings, 1Glitter Glue Pen, 1 Quality Suitcase, and a set of instructions. Materials are safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals. Easy and fun to do as it takes just minutes to decorate a velcro fastened band with flowers, butterflies, hearts, and more, then top with glitter for an amazing effect. Includes sturdy organizing carry case to hold all the parts and items that provide hours of fun and skills. Guided by the concept of open-ended play, products encourage children to develop fine motor, storytelling, and problem-solving skills while providing an artistic outlet to express themselves. Serabeena is a second-generation toy company started in 2000 by toy industry veteran Jan Bitcon to develop, and manufacture products that foster creativity and imagination. Today, Serabeena is managed by Jan’s son Nicholas who carries on the legacy, joy, and ingenuity of this family business. Serabeena’s Purses Kit was named one of Dr Toy’s 10 Best Creative Toys for 2017.

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