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OWI-893 KIKO.893

OWI Kit -

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Age range   8 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   CO Construction   CR Computer Related   EC Eco-friendly   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational   GN Green   HM Hand-made   HO Hobby   SC Science   SR Socially Responsible  

KIKO.893, the infrared sensor detecting, obstacle exploring robot, has spent life traveling the galaxies and surveying uninhabitable regions. A life full of adventures and exploration was fun, but it was lonely work. Its infrared sensor searched for life in the universe, and in doing so, discovered Earth. Now that it has finally found life, it loyally follows any object that approaches it, and won’t stop until switched back into explore mode. It has two pre-programmed modes (Follow-me and Explore), scans its surroundings by using AI (artificial intelligence), I/R (infrared sensor), and six legs, which allow it to turn 360 degrees and seamlessly complete obstacles. Once your budding engineer constructs this 107-piece STEM kit, they will quickly realize this is no ordinary robot. It offers a wonderful sound and light effect, which develops its own emotions and gestures. Create challenging mazes for KIKO.893 to navigate around, or just select follow-me mode and enjoy having the adorable robot pursue. Most of all, do not treat it as an ordinary robot, but rather, a scholarly friend.

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