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ReadySetz Urban Playset 2.0

ReadySetz -

$65.00     Buy Now

Age range   3 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AE Active   DH Doll House   EC Eco-friendly   FP Fantasy Play   HO Hobby   NO Novelty   SR Socially Responsible   TY Toy  

ReadySetz is the 3D foldout playset that encourages imaginative open-ended play at home or preschool. There are many excellent features: the pieces are durable, reinforced to be strong (100-pounds), water repellant, colorfully printed on both sides, and available in two sizes, large and small. Much more than a cardboard box, ReadySetz has everything your young builder could dream of (ramps, trap doors, tunnels, landing pads)—each surrounded by a large photo realistic backdrop. Plus features that include 0% plastic, 100% recyclable, and unfolding thath takes mere seconds, since it arrives fully assembled. The Urban Playset 2.0 includes fun add-ons like crate boxes and stickers plus a catwalk and many convertible features. The Urban playset has roof elements that convert to a catwalk or a helipad. The Urban set also includes “to scale” crates that can be knocked over with cars or action figures. Kids can create an epic toy battle using action figures, building blocks, and other multi-use pieces already in the toy box and, best of all, power up imaginations instead of recharging a tablet or screen. Getting down on the floor to play is like entering a an open play world that spreads out to create a magical play scene. When done, it easily folds flat in seconds to tuck into a closet, under the couch, or any storage spot. Retail price is $65 (small) to $95 (large).

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