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Square Panda Home Edition

Square Panda -

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Age range   2 years thru 8 years      

Toy Type   AT Audio/Audio Tape   EG Electronic Game   EL Electronic Product   ES Educational   GE Game   LA Language   MM Multimedia   SW Software   TC Technology  

Square Panda is a unique and engaging system that helps kids learn to read. It works with iOS and Android tablets and connects with Square Panda’s library of learning games, all of which are grounded in research. Square Panda takes a multisensory approach by engaging different senses (sight, touch and sound), which research has proven to be the most impactful way to help kids learn to read. The playset interacts with 45 physical smart letters, all of which are recognized within each game in the Square Panda learning library. Incorporating smart letters is a way to draw the child’s attention away from the tablet screen momentarily, engaging their physical senses and encouraging them to learn letter shapes as they play through its learning games. Square Panda has a new version of its Home Edition. This new version is a sleeker and more compact design, which was improved thanks to input from parents and teachers. It also encompasses improved data technology capabilities. This new system is launching alongside Square Panda’s new world of play called SquareLand. SquareLand offers a new and unique world of play designed to keep emerging readers engaged in learning through personalized mini-games. In the engaging new world of SquareLand, kids play as Square Panda himself in a variety of mini-games as they explore an adaptive early reading curriculum. Interactive songs and mini-games adapt to each learner’s evolving skill level, as they learn about letter recognition, phonemic sounds, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, and much more through self-directed gameplay. SquareLand is a part of the Square Panda learning library, which works with the Square Panda learning system and iOS and Android tablets. Square Panda’s original learning system launched in 2016 and is now sold in all 50 states and 5 countries. The team is dedicated to providing the very best play experiences that keep kids engaged in their learning.

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