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Tiny Science

SmartLab Toys -

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Age range   8 years thru 14 years      

Toy Type   CP Creative Product   EQ Equipment   ES Educational   SC Science   UN Unique  

Tiny Science makes science fun by letting children perform experiments using precision, but with miniature lab equipment. The S.T.E.A.M.-based activity book features 20 scaled-down science experiments using the tiny tools. The Tiny Science lab includes three test tubes in a stand, a 6 ml beaker, a 6 ml Erlenmeyer flask, a 6 ml graduated cylinder, a pipette, a two-piece petri dish, a funnel, a four-piece balance scale, gram weights, a magnifier, and a stainless steel ruler. The activity book with 20 experiments makes this innovative product unique. Kids feel like real scientists when they’re concocting slime in a 6 ml graduated beaker or when they’re dropping vinegar from a micro pipette into a teensy test tube of soda solution. Using the itty-bitty balance scale to weigh popcorn kernels against a chocolate chip is an exercise in precision and dexterity. Watching the miniature magnifier flip an image teaches optics in a way that feels like magic. The science principles introduced include acid-base reactions, optics, non-Newtonian fluids, chemical reactions, density, measurement, crystallization, and much more. Tiny Science was the brain-child of SmartLab’s Senior Product Designer Todd Rider. Todd, who loves all things tiny and mini, has designed and developed many of SmartLab’s bestselling toys, including Ultimate Secret Formula Lab, Aftershock! Earthquake Lab, and Girls Only! Secret Message Lab. Since 2004, SmartLab Toys has been a leading designer of educational toys Children learn best through hands-on exploration, these inventive toys wrapped up with engaging content. Each of these S.T.E.A.M. toys include a fully illustrated book that provides a wealth of information.t SmartLab Toys science explorations are designed to stimulate and help nurture strong family bonds.

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