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Reindeer In Here

Reed's -

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Age range   1 months thru 10 years      

Toy Type   BO Book   ES Educational   FP Fantasy Play   NO Novelty   PL Plush   TY Toy  

Creative new holiday tradition Reindeer In Here is a simple concept. It’s the first gift of the holiday season from Santa and arrives in early December to get to know each individual child, and to be their true ‘Christmas friend.’ Just like every child is different, Reindeer In Here is different as well, having one antler shorter than the other. The storybook encourages the child to take their reindeer along anywhere. to their likes, dislikes, friends, family, and about their true Christmas wishes. While the child sleeps, the reindeer writes notes and sends them to Santa so he can learn even more about each child, and then deliver their true Christmas wishes. As the reindeer and child bond grows intensely over the month of December, the child learns about how a “misfit” reindeer from the North Pole came up with the genius idea to come to their house pre Christmas to discover what makes each child different. After all, we are each different and should celebrate. On Christmas Eve, each child puts their reindeer underneath the tree to greet Santa and then fly back to the North Pole until early December the following year, when the magical tradition resumes and the reindeer returns to see their Christmas friend once more.

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