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Publications International / Story Reader™

Publications International

Story Reader™

Educational Skills
Age Range:
3 - 8
Year Released:

The 'Story Reader' is the first ever portable electronic storybook reader for children of its kind. It will provide your child with the experience of learning to read at their own pace. As each page is turned, 'Story Reader' reads, yet the patented technology is completely invisible. The lightweight portable design features a hinged clam shell style unit with carrying handles. It is a very popular product with book titles including the Lion King, Elmo's Colorful Adventures and Scooby Do Museum Mystery. The stories really come to life. A narrator magically reads the book to the child as each page is turned. The 'Story Reader' adds sound effects and music to go along with the story. Your child just turns the page; no buttons or stylus is required. The 'Story Reader' recognizes what page the child is viewing, allowing them to control the experience. The 24-page books are based on the Lion King and other titles. There are also more popular titles to choose from.

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