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Welcome to Dr. Toy's Guide! This website on toys and childrens products was created with you in mind. Dr. Toy wants to bring to you, your parents, grandparents, and teachers the latest information about the best toys and other products. We know you will find Dr. Toy's Best Lists a good guide to help you create your very own Wish List.

You will find cool toys, new construction toys, terrific trains, great software, CDs, audio and video tapes and a whole lot more. You will find a lot of things to enjoy playing with. Great stuff is listed for your younger brother or sister, or a friend. The pictures will help you to find what you want. Take the information along when you visit a toy store so you can ask for a free demonstration.

Dr. Toy wants to hear from you! Please and share your experiences.

LEGO Creativity Awards
Whether to fund guitar lessons, after-school art instruction, produce an invention or solve a community problem, LEGO Systems calls students ages 6-13 who consider themselves curious, imaginative and creative to apply for a LEGO Creativity Award. Through September 17, 2007, children in the U.S. and Canada are invited to showcase their creativity and demonstrate how one of 10 $5,000 awards may contribute to their creative development for the future.
International TOYchallenge™ - 2008
A national toy design challenge for 5th-8th graders. A chance for teams of imaginative kids to create a new toy or game. Toys are a great way to learn about science, engineering, and the design process! As girls and boys create a toy or game, they experience engineering as a fun, creative, collaborative process, relevant to everyday life.
By Kids For Kids 2007 Invent-A-Toy World Games
Invent-A-Toy World Games is an annual event held by the organization By Kids For Kids, and sponsored by Mattel, Inc. It is exactly what the name suggests - a children's competition for inventing the best toy. Young inventors are encouraged to come out with their best ideas and toy inventions. A grand prize is awarded to the winner. This competition is such a great idea - who can be better than kids at deciding what they want to play with?

Edsel Boler, Brooke Rogers and Russell Moore are the winners of the Invent-A-Toy World Games for 2007. Edsel is an 8 year old whiz kid from Richardson, TX, who came up with the idea of Xoomball, a game using air pumps, ping pong balls and a game board with holes. The aim of the game is to use the air pumps to blow the ping pong balls so that they land right into the holes. Brooke Rogers, the youngest winner, is a kindergartner from Wilton, CA. She came up with the idea for Kipsy's Campfire Campout, which is a pretend battery operated campfire complete with sound effects and props like toy marshmallows and sticks. Russell Moore is a 13 year old from Trumbull, CT. Russell came up with a fantastic toy invention using water. Pipes, tubes and connections can be joined together to create a unique structure through which water can flow. Russell also landed a prize in last year's Invent-A-Toy games.

A question which pops up immediately is what happens to the kids' inventions once they've won the competition. Well, as we can see from last year's winners, lots of potential toy licencees display an interest in the toy inventions. Taylor Hernandez, the inventor of "Magic Sponge Blocks" is actually going to see her invention go into production later this year. Ana Ligenfield, another 2006 winner, is seeing considerable interest in her "Hands On Hand Clap" invention.

In addition to the possibility of the toy invention seeing the light of day, the Grand Prize winners of the games are awarded with a licensing contract from BKFK, legal support to patent the invention in the winner’s name (if patentable), professional expertise to bring the product to market, and a $5,000 US savings bond. Also, each winner's supportive teacher recieved a $1,000 US savings bond, courtesy of BKFK.

The National Young Game Inventors Contest
Kids, ages 5-12, invent, design and create your own board game. Send it to us, with your entry form and all the pieces, rules and board – and earn the chance to win fantastic prizes (a trip, a $10,000 savings bond, a game library, and more!). In addition, the winning game may even be produced by University Games!
Entries must be received by September 1, 2007.
'Jay Jay The Jet Plane' Lands at Love Field
Frontiers of Flight Museum Launches Exhibit
11-Year-Old Girl's Idea Made into Toy!
Cassidy Goldstein's Crayon Holder solves a common problem.
10-Year-Old Boy's Idea Made into Toy!
100 Kids Chosen for Chance to become Wild Planet's Next Kid Inventor.
You can send in your drawing or photograph of your favorite toy. You can create a 'Dream Toy'. You can tell Dr. Toy what you like and don't like about toys. You may use as many or as few words as you wish.
If your letter, picture or photo, is selected you will win a perfect gift, one of the Best Products from Dr. Toy's Guide, just right for your age.
Or, write to
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Be sure to include: Name (or nickname), Age, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and of course your Drawing or Photograph or Letter. Only your first name will be included when we post the winner; this will protect your privacy.
Dr. Toy thanks you for checking out her Web site and invites you to join in the fun. This site is for you!
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