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Interview with Dr. Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., Dr.Toy

By Amazon Books

Cyber Radio

March 11, 1998

Cyber Radio: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing each book?

Dr. Auerbach: I started writing as a young child and have not stopped. I enjoy expressing ideas, information and providing assistance. I don't think I intended to be a full time author after college and pursued professional work. However I wrote reports, booklets, reviews and evaluated the publications and writing of others. I began writing seriously after I completed my Ph.D. Each book I wrote had a specific purpose and this process continued to my current new book, Dr.Toy's Smart Play: How to Raise a Child with a High P.Q.(Play Quotient) by St.Martin's Press. What authors do you like to read? What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

Dr. Auerbach: I like reading a variety of professional books plus children's books, parenting books, and books on well-being, nature and butterflies. Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)? Do you have a favorite location or time of day (or night) for writing? What do you do to avoid--or seek!--distractions?

Dr. Auerbach: I seem to be writing all day these days at least all of last year. Day and night. I work throughout the day taking short breaks. I work at the computer and often on a tape recorder. My favorite time to write is between 1 and 5 in the morning when the phone does not ring, it's really quiet and I can concentrate. I often let the machine answer calls when I write during the day. But I always try to answer all calls within 24 hours. Writing takes total concentration. Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions, or similar events? Do you interact with your readers electronically through e-mail or other online forums?

Dr. Auerbach: I answer over 100 emails a day. I am pleased to meet readers on-line, at book signings and at workshops. I am also on line for interviews when they have been arranged. I do a lot of radio interviews throughout the year and especially like to respond to people calling in with their questions as I did recently in Salt Lake City. I am often on TV with a full range of topics discussing toys, children's products and parenting issues. When and how did you get started on the Net? Do you read any newsgroups such as rec.arts.books and rec.arts.sf.written, mailing lists, or other on-line forums? Do you use the Net for research--or is it just another time sink? Are you able to communicate with other writers or people you work with over the Net?

Dr. Auerbach: Our web site, Dr. Toy's Guide, was the first on line magazine format evaluating toys and children's products. I have been writing about toys for many years. I have been evaluating and presenting awards for best toys and children's products for the past seven years beginning with parent and professional magazines. Then we went on-line with our report four years ago. There are many advantages to being on- line. It has been exciting to see the growth of participation on the Internet.Companies began to understand what I was talking about when I presented the value of the Internet. Many are now on line and we are able to link and provide ways to obtain more product information. Consumers learn about hood products from our reviews. After learning about specific products they can learn more and select the most suitable products for children. I communicate as much as possible on the net around the world as I receive queries from students, teachers, parents, grandparents and children who want to learn about all aspects of toys. There are a lot of interesting queries.

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