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The Tip Sheet - Family: Brain Games

Jennifer Barrett


August 12, 2002

Want your kids to brush up their skills before school starts? Try these brain-boosting, boredom-banishing games recommended by "Dr. Toy," childhood-development expert Stevanne Auerbach.

A magical treasure-hunt game that teaches shapes, letters and colors (ages 3 to 6).
Amazing Animal Trivia Game:
Like Trivial Pursuit for animal lovers (6 and up).
Give and Take:
The interactive game teaches players to examine people's motives (6 and up).
Wee Little Piggies:
Put the Piggies in order and hear them sing the familiar nursery rhyme (4 to 6).
Scrabble with a twist; players take and transform opponents' words (6 and up).
Tickle Toes:
Touch the toes and they wiggle and giggle. Tests agility and response time (3 to 6).
5 Score:
Great for teaching math and multitasking, with five ways to score on each turn (6 and up).
Rain Forest Card Game:
Features facts and photos of unusual and endangered species (10 and up).
Fowl Play:
A fast-paced card game perfect for short car rides and short attention spans (6 and up).
The Touch:
A game of fast thinking and fast fingers (6 and up).
Cranium, Inc.
Ages 3-6
(866) 272-6422
Amazing Animal Trivia Game
International Playthings
Ages 6-8
Give and Take
A-C-T Games
Ages 6-12
(610) 630-3325
Wee Little Piggies
Hasbro Games
Ages 4-6
Ages 10-12
(514) 932-4744
Tickle Toes
Hasbro Games
Ages 3 and up
5 Score
Thing-O Games
Ages 6-12
(650) 358-9744
Rain Forest Card Game
U.S. Games Systems
Ages 6-12
Fowl Play
Ages 6-12
The Touch
Anthony Innovations
Ages 5-7
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