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Watch Me Draw Series

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Your little artist will delight with these books that will help teach them how to draw. Drawing promotes fine motor skill development, shape recognition and artistic confidence. Each soft cover book in this series contains 24 pages of engaging stories that will capture your child’s attention and imagination. As each adventure unfolds, your child will learn to draw each new subject they encounter. Simple visual instructions use basic shapes and simple steps to help build young learners’ confidence in their new skills. Each book features a flip-down preprinted drawing pad at the back to provide extra space to work. Special “reward” stickers are also included to complete the scene on each page of the story after a drawing is completed. Choose from dinosaurs, favorite pets, things girls love, dolphins, whales, fish and more.

Eighty years ago, Walter T. Foster began painting signs. He invented a postage stamp vending machine. He turned to how-to art books that he wrote and illustrated, printed and shipped. The company continues today by developing books and kits for children that encourage creativity.

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