Smart Play Smart Toy Index

action figures
      for preschoolers, 106
active toys
      for baby, 31
      features of, 16
      for preschooler, 93
      for toddler, 64-75
activities, 161
      to do with your child, 219-228
American Library Association See Resources
art supplies
      benefits of, 23, 55
      learning from, 23
      for preschoolers, 94-121
      for primary schoolers, 123-160
      for toddlers (one to two years old), 59-87
art–supply box, creating, 99
arts and crafts
      for older children, 161-186
Smart Play Smart Toy Index
ASTRA (American Specialty Toy Retailing
      Association) See Resources
automobile repairman as source for role-playing, 221

baby (age)
      first six weeks, 31-43
      six weeks to six months, 43-49
      six months to one year, 49-58
baby (birth to one year), 31-58
      active, creative, and educational, 34-35
      baby toys, Dr. Toy's tips for keeping clean and
           safe, 54
      early shopping, 38
      gentle play, 35-37
      parent as first big toy, 32
      play activities (first year), 55-58
      playpens, getting baby adjusted to, 39
      preparation, 32-33
      safety, 58
      See also older child; preschooler; primary
           schooler; special needs; toddler
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