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GeoSafari Laptop

Educational Insights

GeoSafari Laptop

Educational Skills Product
8 - 12 years

This excellent interactive game is fun, versatile, and will help your child gain a lot of information. Provided are 63 colorful and well illustrated double-sided coated cards, 126 games, and more than 2000 questions. Subjects include geography and maps, science, history, animals, insects, dinosaurs, English language studies, geometry, trivia, and more. Three different modes of play enable children to play alone or with others. Flexible ways to use it allows for adjustment to the abilities of players. Added features are 20 LED lights, buzzer sound to respond to answers, and a game play guide. Plus a durable, plastic compact travel laptop with carrying handle, and LCD display shows score, answers, and time. An original tool for learning at home, travel or at school.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of GeoSafari(r). Originally an award-winning Electronic Learning Aid, GeoSafari(r) quickly caught on with children, parents and teachers as a fun and remarkable educational product for learning geography. The product line broadened through the 1990's to include other areas such as reading, math and a variety of science and social studies topics. Then in 1994, the CD-ROM versions of GeoSafari(r) were introduced to critical acclaim.

Educational Insights is dedicated to creating a wide range of materials for today's classrooms and homes. Educational toys, teaching aids, exploration materials, and digital devices provide educators and parents with affordable learning tools for children. The products are distributed in specialty and retail and teacher stores.

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