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I Spy Eagle Eye

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This skill-building board game will challenge your child, inviting use of senses and quick thinking. Players race to find a picture with your Eagle Eye. Choose one of four double-sided game boards full of colorful objects. Turn over one of the 30 I Spy object cards. Each card and board has only one matching object. Be the first player to spy the object on the game board to match the object on your card and ring the bell to win the game. The first player to capture six cards wins the basic game. The game includes easy reading instructions, different play rules for three to four players and a tournament game for advanced players.

In 1992, John Donofrio and Martine Redman, a husband and wife team, founded Briarpatch. Their goal was to start a toy company dedicated to creating quality products based on classic literature. On a visit to a children's bookstore, the couple found inspiration for their successful business. With scissor and glue, they assembled their first prototype. This creation, the Very Hungry Caterpillar Game, is still a success 10 years later. Today Briarpatch maintains an inspiring, fun and educational product line.

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